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Patient Information

Patient Diaries

At ASC, it is our job to give you all the information you need to feel comfortable with the procedures and treatments options available to you.

To give you additional insight into the patient experience, we have asked some of our patients to keep detailed diaries of their journeys.

If you are interested in reading more patient testimonials, click here.

Part 1 of Patient Diary: Kate D. (written on March 17th)

On May 1st, 2013 I gave birth to the most precious little boy!!! He was a large baby and I am really tiny so unfortunately things have not gone back to normal down there..... I've been to my OB/GYN three times to tell her that I hardly feel anything during intercourse and that its so much wider now. Of course they told me that was all normal and there is nothing I can do about it. I cried and left feeling really hopeless.
Well, the father of my child broke up with me in January 2014, partially because I just couldn't enjoy sex with him anymore because of this issue.
And now I am so embarrassed about my vagina, I am too afraid to date anyone!
What will they think?! This past year has been so confusing and sad and overwhelming at times. I'm 31yrs old and I've never had any problems down there in my life! I just feel like I've completely lost my femininity, especially because I have a more athletic figure and no curves. But now my vagina doesn't work either?! It's just not fair...
I am really hoping you guys can help me. I've got to fix this because I don't want to be a single mom forever.... It's sad, but it's true! I don't want to be embarrassed and afraid to date someone.
I work all day again tomorrow, but I am free during the morning on Wednesday. Hopefully we can set up a consultation fairly soon. Thank you so much!!! I look forward to hearing from you.

Part 2 of Patient Diary Kate D. (Written April 1st)

I had my consultation at ASC on March 25th and I have to say, it was amazing!  First of all, the office is magnificent and I was immediately impressed.  Then I met with Dr. Aguirre in the conference room.  He was very professional and kind hearted and I felt comfortable right away.
It can be awkward talking to a man about your vagina, but Dr. Aguirre didn't make me feel uncomfortable at all.  He asked all the right questions, even the things I was thinking but wasn't planning on saying.  For example, "If you are naked in front of your partner would you rather have the lights off?"  How did he know!?  
During the exam, I was given a mirror so I could see what he was doing and comment on what I wanted to improve.  This was so helpful and I really felt like I was going to get exactly what I wanted if I went through with the surgery.  I had issues with looseness in the vagina and loss of sensation during sex, but I was also a little embarrassed about the length and color of my labia.  Dr. Aguirre showed me exactly what he would do to fix both of those issues, but also give me a clitoral hood lift to make it look even better!  
By the way, I had been doing my kegels religiously, but didn't have any increase in sensation during sex.  I had been wondering why it wasn't working for me.   Dr. Aguirre said that my kegels were actually very strong, a 5/5, but that wasn't the issue.  The looseness that I was feeling was actually towards the outside of the vagina where the muscles had been overstretched during child birth.  This confirmed exactly what I had thought all along, despite my OB/GYN telling me everything was completely "normal."  I knew it!  I refused to believe that this was the new normal.  I am only 31 and I have many more years to be sexually active and I didn't want to believe I would just have to accept never feeling any sensation again.
So, after the exam Dr. Aguirre told me that I am a good candidate for a Vaginoplasty, Labiaplasty and Clitoral Hood Lift and Reduction.  That covers everything for me as far as increasing sensation and improving the overall appearance of my lady parts.  If I was going to go through with this, I wanted to make sure my vagina is absolutely amazing and beautiful. However, my first concern was the time off from work.  Post-op requires two weeks off and then going back to work only part time for the following two weeks (unless I am feeling good enough for a full schedule).  I was worried what my manager might think about taking so much time off work.  Also, if I ever decided to have more kids I would have to have a C-Section.  I'm not too thrilled about having a scar and missing out on the "Golden Hour" with the newborn right after child birth.  That was really special for me after the birth of my son. Lastly, I've never had major surgery so I am really scared!  These are all the things I needed to consider before making my decision ....  
I spoke to my manager and they are very understanding about having two weeks off and then a slower schedule for the following two weeks.  So we can cross that concern off the list.  Next, I thought about the importance of having a functioning vagina, especially because I am a young single mom and will obviously be dating in the future.  My main reason for having the consultation was because my confidence was so low due to my lack of sensation and the change in the appearance of my vagina after child birth.  I don't want to be embarrassed about my vagina, especially if I meet someone really special.  It is so important for me to be able to enjoy sex and feel feminine in my next relationship!  This surgery is extremely important for me.  And who knows what will happen as far as having more children.  Suppose my Prince Charming has children of his own and doesn't want any more kids.  Well then, I don't have to worry about a C-Section.  I just don't know what will happen in the future, but I would rather be able to enjoy sex now and tackle the issue of having another baby if that ever arrises.  
With that said, I've made my decision....  I am going to have the surgery!  I am so excited to feel confident about my body again! I truly feel that Dr. Aguirre will do a fantastic job!!  I cannot wait to have enjoyable sex again and not feel embarrassed about the way that my vagina looks.  My surgery will be on May 15th.  I'm a little nervous, but feel very confident about choosing Dr. Aguirre for the job!  
- Katie D.

 Laser Vaginal Tightening Dairy #1

Prior to my treatments of the Alma Laser [Laser Vaginal Tightening] by Dr. Oscar Aguirre, my vagina had starting getting considerably looser and my problem with urinary stress incontinence had also started becoming worse. The pessary I had originally been fitted with was not helping anymore. My husband stated that he could just very lightly feel his penis touching my vaginal walls and he had to use many different angles and positions to create friction.

First [Laser Vaginal Tightening] Treatment: The treatment was painless and was surprisingly quick. The laser felt like warm light pinches on my vaginal wall, but it was not uncomfortable and highly tolerable. I had very mild discharge and no bleeding in only three of the five days of recovery following the treatment and did not experience any cramping, pain, or side effects. After completing the five day recovery period, intercourse was much different. My husband immediately noticed the difference in tightness. He demonstrated how I was prior to the treatment by wrapping his hand around my pointer finger with his fist and just very lightly running his fist up and down. There was only light and gentle contact and not enough for much pleasurable friction. After the five day recovery of my first treatment, my husband had this to say: "I demonstrated to my wife how her vagina felt after the first treatment by wrapping my fist around her pointer finger ensuring that my entire palm and fingers came into definite contact with her finger so she could feel how much more contact my penis made with her vagina and how there was a greater amount of friction. I would rate it at a good 20% improvement. Intercourse definitely was more pleasurable for the both of us and we were very happy with the results of the first treatment."

Second Treatment: As with the first [Laser Vaginal Tightening] treatment, the second treatment was quick and painless and the five day recovery period was just as easy. This time the difference in tightness was even more significant. Using the same finger squeezing demonstration, my husband squeezed with about 30% more force than he did after the first treatment. Needless to say, during intercourse my vagina was able to create much more friction. Orgasms were also more intense. Another noticeable improvement was that I was able to do a series of low and medium impact warm up running drills and then was able to sprint up a 50 meter 35 degree hill with about a 50 meter lead in and do that twice without leaking.

Third Treatment: Just like the first and second treatments, the third treatment was quick and painless and the five day recovery period was just as easy. I am even tighter than I was after the second treatment and this time the squeezing finger demonstration was a good solid grip to my finger from my husband. He stated that the improvement was about 25% after the third [Laser Vaginal Tightening] treatment. Sex is significantly different now and I am even tighter at the point of initial penetration. My G-spot seems more sensitive from just penile penetration and friction and I am able to orgasm much quicker and definitely more intensely. Urinary leakage has also improved to the point that I've been able to activate my Kegal muscles to save myself from a leak if I suddenly sneeze and my bladder is full. I can much easier feel a Kegal.

Update and Conclusion: The ten days after my third treatment seems to have me just a little tighter, about 5% or even a little more. According to my husband, "That makes everything even more exciting." We are both completely satisfied with the results of this treatment. My original expectations for this treatment were conservative and I had hoped to achieve a total overall improvement of 35%-40%, which would have still been wonderful. However, the total results of this treatment went well beyond all my expectations yielding a significant total improvement of a solid 85%-90%.

- Eleanor B, Aurora, CO


Dear Dr. Aguirre,

Firstly, I am writing today because I want to thank you for the wonderful job you did on my procedures and for the wonderful over-all experience I had at Aguirre Specialty Care. I know you went above and beyond what you had to, and I greatly appreciate it. Secondly, I want to help women like myself who are curious about the same surgical procedures become more aware of the kind of results they might expect and inform them of what a wonderful experience I had in your care, in the care of your wonderful staff, and in the care of those with whom you work.

The pre and post-op care I received by you and your staff was far more pleasurablethan I had anticipated. Most of my post-op care was administered by Brandy, who is a wonderful nurse with such a wonderful attitude and personality. She knows and does her job very well, and she made the post-op care very comfortable for me. Jacque too, is lovely. She has a sweet friendly personality and is so helpful in every way.

I loved all of the girls. It was a very friendly comfortable environment to be in. I loved it so much I didn’t want to go home. I also want to mention that the anesthesiologist, Dr. Herbert Chado, was fantastic. After both of my procedures, I didn’t experience even one moment of nausea. He was great!

You performed vaginoplasty, rectocele repair, and labia majora reduction, and then four days later you peformed Vaser Lipo with Brazilian Butt Lift surgery. I must say that the entire experience, both pre-surgical and post surgical, was excellent, and the results met and exceeded my expectations.

To women everywhere who are interested in vaginoplasty or labiaplasty or any type of female repair, I’d like to say that in my case it was well worth it and Dr. Aguirre is excellent at performing the procedures. Two vaginal deliveries, surgical menopause, and age had caused me to develop vaginal relaxation to the point I no longer enjoyed sex. It had become quite embarrassing because I felt so loose and saggy down there. Although my husband claimed he was very happy, I thought it must be impossible for him to feel anything during intercourse. It had definitely gotten to the point that I couldn’t. Not only was I loose there, I had altogether lost most of the sensation in that area and found it very hard to experience pleasure of any kind during any kind of sex. After Dr. Aguirre performed vaginoplasty, I am vaginally much tighter than I expected to be, my labia majora are plump and firmer, and all of the problems and pain I was experiencing with my rectocele are gone. Eight weeks after that surgery, my labia scars are practically unnoticeable and painless. At six weeks, intercourse was a little bit painful due to the newly formed scar tissue, which had not yet stretched or softened. However, now at eight weeks out, intercourse is no longer painful, and I love being so tight there and feeling like a virgin again. I must say, I have much more sexual sensation everywhere down there than I used to. Climax is both easier to achieve and stronger than before. I was not expecting that, but I am really happy it is so. My labia majora are now beautiful and full like they were years ago, and I am enjoying the feeling of being taken back toward my youth sexually. These vaginal and labial surgeries were well worth it. I just can’t say enough about how happy I am that I did it and that I chose Dr. Aguirre as my surgeon.

Four days after the vaginoplasty, I had Vaser Lipo with Brazilian Butt Augmentation. Being that I am 51 years old and was quite a bit over weight, the results are amazing. Dr. Aguirre did all of the things I asked him to do and more, and I couldn’t be happier. Dr. Aguirre transformed my shape, and I found out that he really knows what looks good. Somehow, he knew how I looked when I was younger. He removed fat in ways that it accentuates my attributes, and he gave me a cuter plumper behind that looks almost exactly like the one I had when I was younger. It is now two months post-op, and my behind still looks almost as good as it did the day after surgery. As the days pass, the swelling and numbness from the liposuction continues to subside, and my results become more and more apparent. I am very happy I had the procedure and would recommend it to anyone thinking about it. Dr. Aguirre is very conscientious about his work and it shows.

On top of all of this, I finally decided to begin using Bio-Identical Hormones. At Aguirre Specialty Care, it was a very easy process. I have only been on the hormones for about two and a half weeks, but I am already sleeping better at night and have more energy during the day. I am looking forward to experiencing the long term results of this.

Dr. Aguirre and staff, thank you so very much for such a wonderful experience and for such wonderful results!! God bless you all!!!

One very happy 51 year old patient!!
LR, South of Phoenix, Arizona

On 2/27/13 Dr. Aguirre performed Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation, Anal Skin Tag excision,and Labia Majora Reduction.

On 3/4/13 Dr. Aguirre performed VASER 4D LIPO with Brazilian Butt Augmentation. This entailed liposculpture of the upper and lower Abdomen, Pubic Mons, upper and lower Back, Hips, Arms, and lateral and medial Thighs with Autologous Fat Transfer to the Buttocks. Approximately, 700 cc of VASER Fat was transferred to each buttock.


Labiaplasty Diary #1

Originally I had searched the website to look for what I was considering doing. There are plenty of sites out there and doctors, but Dr. Aguirre’s site was the most professional to begin with. It took me so long to even come to terms with this procedure - SOOO PERSONAL.   I originally emailed six months ago and kept in touch via e-mail with Laura at the ASC office. She was great, very encouraging and informative.

I had quite a few obstacles that got in the way of my original date planned four months out. SO here we are six months later and I e-mailed again to inquire and NOW HE IS BOOKED three months out– oh no. I then started talking to Laura on the phone, she was so great to remember me and again very sweet. I made it clear I needed it done ASAP - I made up my mind and that was that. She was so great to get me in sooner so we ended up with a date that was only one month out.

I went in three weeks before to get a consult and meet Dr. Aguirre. He could not have been a more unassuming and approachable person. Very nurturing in his way of connecting with me and my husband. I met Krista his nurse assistant, what an ABSOLUTE DOLL. I LOVED HER instantly and the fact that she was there during the evaluation made me feel so much more at ease and less shameful. They had BOTH made it so easy for me to be able to go ahead and feel good enough about this procedure and myself to do this. Their method together; work ethic, professionalism is a TRUE GIFT and asset to their PRACTICE. They have the delicate balance of validating your emotions while working with you, without making you feel like a freak (which is how we all kinda feel) who SHOULD do this procedure. I Hope I am conveying how special this group is. They basically gave me permission to DRAMATICALLY improve my life.

I am very fortunate because I have been happily married to the love of my life for a couple decades here. HE HAS NEVER complained about this issue and loves me truly for all of my faults. The problem was what I felt and how I felt so shameful about feeling bad about it. The only thing he did agree with was the medical side to this. Pain with intercourse and general annoying bulges that I would be concerned with in certain clothing.

Day of the surgery:
The day of surgery comes and I am a wreck. I must mention that this is an out-patient procedure done in their beautiful, serene office. No hospitals, anesthesiologists and VERY PRIVATE. Again, the front desk girl was as sweet as possible, and Krista an absolute angel. I also meet Natasha another nurse who assisted my surgery that day who seems to be in control and has lots of experience with these procedures as well. She was very professional and took care of me. I go in and the procedure itself was not as bad as I thought it would be. I also had every confidence in Dr. Aguirre by his mannerisms I could tell he was meticulous and also by Krista who repeated to me how amazing he is and his attention to detail far surpasses any other surgeon. I BELIEVED HER! SO, they had me look right after they were done, and believe it or not, I looked so much better right after surgery all swollen and stitched than I had normally.

Post-op day 1:
Finished the surgery and home now. I am out of it and on meds, so no biggie. There is some bleeding. I am not used to narcotics or anti-inflammatory meds, so I do not need much to make me feel pretty happy and out of it.

Post-op day 2 and 3:
Day 2 and 3 are a little better. I am still a loopy but resting and icing non-stop. The bleeding has subsided and now I am just spotting a little. I must say not a whole lot of pain considering.

Post-op day 4:
I am noticeably feeling much better. Walking around just a little tired. Again non-stop ice and now I can FEEL the COLD of the ice good sign. Feeling a little better.

Post-op day 5:
It is almost like normal and I looked at it and it is looking pretty good. I now feel the skin healing. Still icing non-stop and taking the antibiotics to prevent any type of potential infection. I am also taking an anti-inflammatory as well this whole time.

Post-op day 6 and 7:
Days were the same and on the 7th day went in to remove stitches. They were amazed at how good it looked. It felt better to get those stiches out. The healing started to speed up.

Post-op days 7-14:
Seeing continual improvment. I iced less because I didn’t need to as much. I can sit a lot more comfortably now. When I do exercise I notice more swelling. I am still not full capacity with more intricate exercising, but I have been able to do cardio with no problem for over a week now.

Post-op day 15-16:
I feel like I can move around even more and a lot less sensitive or tender. I checked this morning and I think I look pretty good. Starting today, which is day 16, I feel I can get back into more of an active work-out routine which I am used to.

Post-op week 3:
Better, but still swelling when active also more tired than usual. I can sit easier though.

Post-op week 4:
Feeling much more normal. I feel like I am healed, but the skin is still tender. I am more tired than usual and still feel like I can’t jump right into my hyper-active routine yet. The body is using my extra energy to heal.

Post-op week 5:
I am now feeling like I can get back into my usual rigorous work-out routines, but I am still pacing myself till I am done with my six weeks. I cannot believe how much better I look. WHAT AN IMPROVEMENT!


Labiaplasty Diary #2

"Since adolescence I had been in great discomfort due to my enlarged labia. Anything from sitting to biking to crossing my legs brought me pain and numbness. I literally felt as though my labia had fallen asleep like a limb does. At the age of 25 I decided to research labiaplasty. I had found Dr. Aguirre on the Internet, read his testimonials and looked at his before and after pictures. I was so excited by the results. I contacted his office immediately to fix this problem once and for all. Dr. Aguirre?s team was great from the moment I stepped foot into the office. Any reservations I had about getting the procedure done were gone once I walked in. Everyone is so nice there and the atmosphere is very comfortable. They are also very accommodating when making appointments, which can be hard for me since I have a difficult schedule. They were able to make an appointment for me right away. It was decided that I would get an In-Office labia reduction, clitoral hood reduction and excision of dark perineal skin. I documented my recovery to show women that everything went well and to hopefully diminish any fears they have about getting the surgery. Hopefully this testimonial will help you all make the decision that will change your life forever.

Day of the surgery: I walked in to a very relaxed atmosphere, nothing like you would expect for pre-op. I was so excited to get the surgery. They gave me some drugs orally and took me back to the operating room. I took a nice nap during the surgery and came home shortly after. About 5 hours after the procedure I had NO pain and felt great. All the oral anesthetics had worn off. I applied ice to the area, which at that point I could not feel since I was very numb from the nerve block. There was a lot of blood coming from the site and that was normal.

Day 2: I slept through the first night fine, there was very light bleeding and the pain was at a 1 on a scale of 1-10. I woke up with no pain though. I had iced myself all through out the night to bring the swelling down. Later that day a few stitches had fallen out and I was very swollen so I continued to apply the ice.

Day 4: I was not experiencing any pain at all in the morning. There was slight bruising so I continued to apply ice, Bactrin and Dermatix. Later in the day there was some pain so I took over the counter pain pills. It was very itchy around the sutures at this point too but everything was going well!

Day 6: I had more sensation at this point so I could feel more pain. I blew a stitch the day before so I took the medicine they prescribed me. I also took arnica montava to bring the swelling down even more. The bruising had disappeared and I was less swollen.

Day 11: The last couple days I had been in a lot of pain because I ripped a stitch during a bowel movement. Everything else had healed perfectly and the swelling was completely gone. It was looking great.

Day 15: I got my stitches out! The area where I had the most pain because of the blown stitch was feeling great. I was assured that the blown stitch did not destroy the appearance and the beautiful work Dr. Aguirre had done. I felt much better with no pain and no swelling. It looked great!

All in all I have to say the recovery was a breeze compared to what I had read about it on the Internet. Dr. Aguirre did such an amazing job along with the rest of his team. I had continuously looked at my new labia even from day one and I could see a huge difference already. I am so happy with the results. It was such an amazing experience that I even had my sister come to them to have same procedure. She also is very happy with her results. I cannot thank Dr. Aguirre enough. His work is truly amazing and you will never regret seeing him."   N.D., Denver, CO

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