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I made the mistake of going to a general plastic surgeon for labiaplasty because he was local and he cost less than a specialist like Dr. Aguirre. My doctor removed so much tissue that I suffered unnecessary pain and distress during recovery and, later, during intercourse. As a result of the overly aggressive reduction, the labial circumference was decreased to the extent that penetration was painful and difficult. I repeatedly told my doctor that I was experiencing pain. Instead of trying to determine the root of my problem, he practically scolded me for complaining. Never did he thoroughly examine  me in an effort to help. He seemed embarrassed even glancing at the area. It was obvious that he didn't know what to do at that point. He just didn't have the knowledge or the desire to try and correct the problem. I then contacted Dr. Aguirre's office via the ASC website. Dr. Aguirre replied personally and engaged in dialogue even before I made my initial appointment. I received such good care from that point on from Dr. A. and from everyone on his staff. He listened to my concerns and spent a lot of time diagnosing my condition. He explained exactly what was wrong and described the corrective action plan. Dr. A. did what the general surgeon could not because he truly understands the female anatomy and has the expertise and experience to properly care for women. My former doctor said that he did revisions, but obviously wasn't capable of labiaplasty revision. I am so grateful for the care and compassion I received at ASC, where my revision was masterfully performed by Dr. Aguirre. I now have hope that I will soon be able to get back to a normal life that includes intimacy without pain.

In closing, there is a good reason for the cost difference between doctors. Labiaplasty is nothing to skimp on and I encourage any woman,who is thinking about it, to seek out the expertise of a specialist, not a general plastic surgeon. If I had done so, I believe my experience and results would have been positive from start to finish, and THAT would have been worth every cent!  

JW, Colorado Springs, CO

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