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Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Bioidentical Hormone Testimonials

“I am sleeping better than I have for years.”


“I feel like I’m me again.”


“My hot flashes don’t bother me anymore.”


“I am finally able to leave my house without five layers of clothing now.  I would always be adjusting for my temperature fluctuations by adding or taking away clothes.


 "It’s like having a brand new wardrobe!”


“I didn’t realize how badly I was feeling.  I can’t tell you much how this has changed my life.”

"My urinary incontinence is gone with the topical compounded vaginal estrogen cream". 

"I can’t believe it.”


Dear Dr. Aguirre & Shawna,
I am a 57 year old woman who is loved & been loved and married to the same man for 35 years.  After 5 pregnancies & deliveries, & now 3 years post menopause, I was in need of a pelvic floor lift with prolapse surgery needed so as to have intercourse and ease in eliminating. At a 4 month post-op appointment I talked with Shawna, Dr. Aguirre's PA, about tightness& pain in intercourse, low libido, & a sense of loss in my emotional 'personhood', & my severe osteoporosis.  I have always been a positive individual, pleased with myself, & thoroughly enjoyed intimacy with my husband, so this was a different place for me. Shawna suggested hormone therapy & defused my fears.  After blood work to establish my hormone levels, she worked up a natural compound with Brown's Compounding.  Two months later I was indeed feeling more whole, with a natural desire & response returning towards intimacy with my husband, who I adore. With continued hormone levels being monitored and a slight increase in the hormone compound, I'm looking forward to a bit more energy and excitement!!!  I wish earlier I had been more aware of the positive effects of hormone therapy: maybe slowed the progression of my osteoporosis, &  made the  years of  emotional & physical intimacy less severe. I will most likely not be a candidate for cosmetic surgeries, but was definitely wanting to regain some of my womanhood.  If Shawna had not mentioned that she had previously worked with post-menopause women, I might not have sought out relief.
Thank you for the service & care you give

Hey Lady! I wanted to let you know how it’s going. You won’t believe it. After the first week of taking the compounds, I began to wake up and realize that I had slept all night. Not every night; kind of random….After 2 weeks, I am sleeping like a baby—Naptime Saturday and Sunday—sleeping like I have not in years…YAY! I love this!
Sincerely, Breathless in NE, CO


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