1 Session with this RF Skin Tightening Device Means Better Sex for a Year Denver, CO

Posted: April 21, 2022

After that headline, we won’t beat around the bush!

Have you heard of The Viveve® Treatment? It’s a non-invasive radiofrequency (RF) treatment that’s FDA-approved to tighten the vaginal entrance (entroitus). Admittedly, it doesn’t sound very exciting, but when we describe just how easy this treatment is to undergo and the extent of the benefits you can receive from just one session, we bet you’ll think differently!

What exactly does Viveve do?

Using non-invasive RF energy, Viveve heats up the tissues of the vaginal entrance to trigger a tightening effect in the surrounding tissues. So first and foremost, Viveve helps tighten the vaginal entrance. This means enhanced friction for your partner during intercourse and enhanced sensation for both partners. Thanks to cryogenic cooling technology, Viveve is also a comfortable treatment, and lasts only 30 minutes with zero downtime, making it easy to fit into your schedule.

So, what makes Viveve truly exciting?

In short, the other benefits it can provide, namely:

  • More easily achieved orgasms
  • More intense orgasms
  • Better sex — for up to a year!

(In clinical studies, nearly 90% of the women who had the procedure reported significant sustained tightening, sensation and satisfaction up to 12 months after treatment.)

It’s worth noting that The Viveve Treatment for vaginal laxity isn’t new. We’ve offered this service for several years. In fact, it’s an integral part of our Vaginal Rejuvenation regimen at Aguirre Specialty Care, which includes The O-Shot® and FemiLift™ vaginal resurfacing. This clinically proven non-surgical combination treatment is ideal for tightening vaginal laxity, enhancing sexual sensation, improving urinary incontinence and so much more.

Are you interested in gifting yourself (and really your partner, too!) a Viveve treatment this spring? We can help! Just call 303-322-0500 or request a consultation online today.