September is Urology Awareness Month! Denver, CO

It is estimated that one in two of us will be affected by a urological condition at some point in our lifetime. So without a doubt, urological concerns are extremely common! The good news is that most urological conditions can be treated with early detection and diagnosis. And there’s more good news: You are definitely… Read more »

September is Sexual Health Awareness Month! Denver, CO

How’s your sexual health? While that may seem like a personal question, it’s definitely a timely one because September is Sexual Health Awareness Month! But at Aguirre Specialty Care, we believe sexual health is a vital part of being human every month of the year.  So, let’s back to our original question: How is your… Read more »

The Truth About Fecal Incontinence, Urinary Incontinence & More Denver, CO

An estimated 40 million adults across the planet have fecal incontinence, the inability to control your bowel movements. Does this number seem high to you? Though this condition typically affects people as they get older, most commonly after age 70, the surprising truth is that younger women can experience fecal incontinence after suffering neuromuscular trauma… Read more »

3 Signs Your Sex Life Needs Help Denver, CO

Certain problems in life are easy to put on the backburner, so to speak, and sex is certainly one of them! Whether it’s due to a feeling of hopelessness, fear or shyness (or any number of other valid emotions), ignoring your sexual health is a popular habit for many of us. This is precisely why… Read more »

What Is Causing Your Pelvic Pain? Denver, CO

We don’t really think about it, but most women endure a lot of physical discomfort throughout their lifetime just by virtue of the fact that they are women. From childbirth to monthly menstruation to menopause, the female body doesn’t really catch a break, so to speak. This is a testament to a woman’s strength! The… Read more »

Labiaplasty FAQs Denver, CO

A growing number of women of every age are requesting labiaplasty, a simple surgical procedure that reduces the size of the labia minora, the inner lips. (Labiaplasty can also correct asymmetry and include other alterations, as needed.) If you’re considering this surgery, you probably have several questions on your mind. We put together some of… Read more »