Helping Moms Is What We Do! Denver, CO

Mother’s Day is coming! It’s our favorite time of year because we get to write about moms and how amazing they are. Without a doubt, moms are superheroes because they undergo incredible amounts of stress, both mentally and physically, through pregnancy, childbirth and beyond. They spend hundreds of wakeless nights and endless days feeding and… Read more »

1 Session with this RF Skin Tightening Device Means Better Sex for a Year Denver, CO

After that headline, we won’t beat around the bush! Have you heard of The Viveve® Treatment? It’s a non-invasive radiofrequency (RF) treatment that’s FDA-approved to tighten the vaginal entrance (entroitus). Admittedly, it doesn’t sound very exciting, but when we describe just how easy this treatment is to undergo and the extent of the benefits you… Read more »

How to Tell If You Have Uterine Prolapse Denver, CO

This may come as a shock, but 50% of women between ages 50 and 69 are experiencing some degree of uterine prolapse or another form of pelvic prolapse. That’s millions of women! Do you suspect you may be one of them? Unfortunately, uterine prolapse doesn’t always show symptoms, so many women have no idea they… Read more »

Top 3 Sex Problems, Solved Denver, CO

Whether you suffer from vaginal laxity or the inability to orgasm, our team is eager to help you on your path toward renewed sexual and body confidence. Here’s a list of the top three sex problems we see from patients as well as clinically proven solutions to help you live your most comfortable, satisfied life:… Read more »

“Am I Normal?” and Other FAQs About Your Vagina & More Denver, CO

First of all, we’d like to put the word “normal” in perspective. You know the saying that every snowflake is unique? The same is true about people, and the female anatomy in particular. While there is a normal range in terms of how your body functions and is put together, there are infinite variations in… Read more »