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The inability to control your bowel movements, also known as fecal incontinence, is a debilitating condition, both mentally and physically, affecting an estimated 40 million adults in the United States and Europe. Fecal incontinence typically develops in men and women as they age, often after age 70. In women, however, it can occur at a much younger age due to the neuromuscular trauma from childbirth. This disorder can range from mild leakage to severe incontinence, when fecal control is entirely lost. Fortunately, Aguirre Specialty Care specializes in state-of-the-art treatments for treating fecal incontinence and urinary incontinence, to help improve a person’s quality of life!

In 2011, soon after InterStim Therapy received approval for the treatment of chronic fecal incontinence in patients who have failed or are not candidates for more conservative therapy, Dr. Aguirre was one of the first surgeons in Colorado to implant this system for this indication. Since there is a 25% coexistence of fecal incontinence in women who have urinary incontinence, many of Dr. Aguirre’s patients have both bladder and bowel control issues.

The implantable InterStim system uses mild electrical stimulation of the sacral nerves to influence the behavior of the pelvic floor muscles and bowel. As a result, the therapy significantly reduced fecal incontinent episodes for a high percentage of patients. InterStim Therapy has been the only bowel control treatment option (until September 2019) that allows patients and physicians to determine probable success of the therapy through a test stimulation procedure prior to committing to long-term therapy.

Aguirre Specialty Care is thrilled to provide FDA-approved Axonics Therapy® for fecal incontinence, overactive bladder and urinary retention. On Dec. 23, 2019, Dr. Aguirre was the first surgeon in Colorado to implant Axonics Therapy, implanting one patient for overactive bladder and another for fecal incontinence.

The Axonics Therapy system is a Rechargeable Sacral Neuromodulation System, which is a small, rechargeable implant for the bowel or bladder that is designed to last 15 years. Once inserted, this device may be operated by the patient with a simple remote control to gently stimulate the nerves that control bowel or bladder function. It is easily recharged on a weekly basis. Clinical research indicates that Axonics Therapy is easy to use and helps to dramatically improve a patient’s quality of life.

FAQs: Fecal Incontinence Treatment in Denver, CO at Aguirre Specialty Care

How is the Axonics Rechargeable Sacral Neuromodulation System implanted?

The Axonics implant is miniaturized to reduce patient discomfort. Dr. Oscar A. Aguirre will carefully place the implant lead along the third sacral nerve root through a small incision over the sacrum and then place the internal pulse generator through another small incision over the right upper buttock.

How long is the surgery?

The surgery takes 30-45 minutes to complete.

Is there downtime?

There is minimal downtime following your implant procedure. Rest is recommended for a day or two. You should avoid strenuous lifting and/or exercise for at least six weeks following your surgery.

Will I need to have additional surgeries to replace batteries?

The Axonics device is designed to provide at least 15 years of functional life to avoid frequent battery replacement surgeries. The implant has a rechargeable battery which the patient will be able to recharge remotely through the skin with a convenient remote control device.

Is Axonics Therapy or InterStim Therapy right for me?

During your personal consultation, Dr. Aguirre will carefully assess your condition to determine which type of treatment best suits your needs.

How can I get started with treatment for fecal incontinence?

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