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Vaginal childbirth puts enormous stress on the muscles, ligaments, and tissues within the birth canal, resulting in a wide range of unpleasant and uncomfortable symptoms, including vaginal looseness, decreased sexual sensation and pleasure, vaginal flatulence, and a gaping vaginal entrance. The focus of vaginoplasty is to restore and reconstruct the damaged muscles and tissues of the vagina and its supporting structures to a more youthful, pre-pregnancy state. Vaginoplasty is a 1-hour outpatient procedure designed to:
  • Tighten the vagina
  • Enhance friction during intimacy
  • Increase sexual gratification for both partners
  • Enhance vaginal muscle tone
  • Improve vaginal appearance

FAQs: Vaginoplasty in Denver, CO

I feel extremely loose down there and lack sensation during sex. Would vaginoplasty help me?

Yes! Women who choose vaginoplasty have experienced a loss of vaginal sensation during vaginal intercourse and feel that their vagina is very “loose” and “gaping.” Their partners will at times “fall out” during sex and also notice decreased sensation. Another common complaint is difficulty keeping tampons in position. These common symptoms can be dramatically improved with vaginoplasty to tighten the vagina. Vaginoplasty can be combined with laser perineal rejuvenation if both the vagina and perineum were damaged by childbirth and episiotomies.

How much downtime can I expect with vaginoplasty?

You should expect about four to six weeks of downtime and mild discomfort.

Can vaginoplasty help urinary incontinence?

Vaginoplasty is not designed to treat urinary incontinence but can be combined with other procedures to address this concern. During your personal consultation, Dr. Aguirre will evaluate your symptoms to determine the ideal treatment or combination of treatments for you. Please click here to learn more about urinary incontinence.

How much does vaginoplasty cost?

Because every patient is unique, we create personally-tailored treatment plans which vary in treatment type, cost, downtime, and other factors. We will help you understand the exact particulars of your treatment, including cost and recovery time, during your personal consultation.

How can I get started with vaginoplasty in Denver?

Discover if vaginoplasty is right for you! Please call 303.322.0500 or request a consultation online today!

Also available—Laser Hymenoplasty

Reconstruction of the hymen can repair the hymen to its “pre-sexual” state, as if nothing ever occurred. ASC is sensitive to the needs of women from all cultures that embrace these particular issues because of cultural, social, or religious reasons. Privacy is respected. Click here to learn more about laser hymenoplasty.
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