3 Ways to Help Mom Feel Amazing Denver, CO

Posted: May 7, 2020

Stress seems to be the defining word in our country at the moment, but that doesn’t mean it has to pervade everything we do. While the pandemic has disrupted plenty, it’s also given us gifts like the opportunity to slow down and simplify our lives. With Mother’s Day approaching and gift-giving on our minds, we’re inspired to keep it simple and help Mom feel amazing with gifts of gratitude. Here are a few clinically-backed ideas.

Mother laying down with children

This year, you can help boost Mom’s wellness by giving her a:

  1.  Gratitude journal

Keeping a journal devoted to all the positives in your life is not only good for Mom’s mental health — it’s also a proven wellness tool for her body! Having an attitude of gratitude is clinically shown to help lower stress, reduce risk of disease, boost happiness and strengthen immunity. How can gratitude do all that? We’re glad you asked! According to experts, the human body is programmed to objectively respond to emotions; for example, it can’t tell the difference between fear caused by a physical or external event, and fear caused by thoughts. So, when you’re feeling fearful and afraid, regardless of the cause, your body’s fight or flight response kicks in, resulting in rapid heart rate, higher blood pressure and so on. Though fleeting moments of stress are normal, if your body is in a constant state of worry or fear, you’re experiencing chronic stress, which is hard on the body. This is why gratitude can be a powerful wellness tool. When a person replaces fears and worry with positive thoughts, they are improving their body’s physical response by lowering stress and promoting a wide range of other health benefits.

  1. Thank You letter

When was the last time you wrote a letter to anyone, let alone Mom? Taking the time to write a note telling Mom all the reasons why you feel thankful for her will make her day for sure! Depending on your communication skills, you may also send her into a state of shock (kidding!).

  1. Gift card to Aguirre Specialty Care

Self-care is a perfect gift from spouses to their wives. Here at Aguirre Specialty Care, we specialize in self-care treatments for women to live confidently and joyfully. You know your wife better than anyone else. Is she bothered by urinary incontinence or a low libido? Has she struggled with feeling comfortable with her body after the changes brought on by childbirth? As a board-certified urogynecologist, I’ve devoted my entire career to helping women reclaim their intimate health and vitality, and I can tell you from personal experience, that giving her the gift of self-care at Aguirre Specialty Care will change her life for the better. But don’t just take our word for it. We encourage you to check out our reviews and call us for a personal consultation to learn more! We can’t wait to help you or your wife!

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—    Dr. Aguirre