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O-Shot® FAQs

Is The O-Shot safe? Yes, The O-Shot is safe. No side effects have been reported from injecting a person’s own Platelet-Rich Plasma into their body. Is The O-Shot in Denver painful? Patients’ pain tolerances vary, however The O-Shot creates little, if any, pain. The areas are numbed with a topical cream, however some women may… Read more »

Geneveve™ FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about Geneveve in Denver, CO How does Geneveve work? Geneveve can tighten the tissues of the vaginal entrance using gentle, precisely-controlled, cryogen-cooled monopolar radiofrequency (CMRF) energy, which stimulates new collagen production. Is the treatment safe? Radiofrequency energy has been used in treating skin on the face, neck, and hands for over a… Read more »

Real Mommy Makeover™ FAQs

What are some important benefits of having a Mommy Makeover at Aguirre Specialty Care in Denver? Safe and comfortable space to educate women on all of the solutions available Minimal Downtime / Recovery No General Anesthesia – for in-office procedures Private On-site Surgical Suite Out Of Town Patient Accommodations Financing Available Over 10 years of… Read more »

Revision Labiaplasty FAQs

How is revision labiaplasty performed? If the original labiaplasty surgery simply did not remove enough of the excess tissue to achieve the patient’s aesthetic goals, the revision labiaplasty will most likely be performed utilizing the Laser Reduction Labiaplasty technique. If there are other factors that the patient is unhappy with, this may require a more… Read more »

Pellevé Labia Tightening FAQs

Is Pellevé safe for me? Pellevé has been FDA-cleared since 2009, and is safe for use on the labia for tightening and contracting the skin in the feminine intimate area How does Pellevé work? Pellevé at Aguirre Specialty Care uses energy to heat the loose skin of the outer labia, causing a tightening and contracting… Read more »

FemiLift™ FAQs

How is non-surgical laser vaginal tightening performed? The specialized laser probe is inserted into the vagina as the light beam penetrates the vaginal epithelium to target the tissue where new collagen is produced. Most patients report that this treatment is more comfortable than having a pap smear. Is there any downtime following my vaginal rejuvenation… Read more »