A Look Inside The LEO® at Aguirre Specialty Care in Denver, CO

Posted: May 19, 2015

The most advanced form of vaginal rejuvenation is The LEO®, a procedure that combines The O-Shot® and FemiLift™ non-surgical vaginal tightening. The LEO at Aguirre Specialty Care restores overall vaginal sensation in addition to vaginal tightening. The LEO in Denver is the ideal vaginal rejuvenation treatment for women experiencing loss of vaginal sensation during sex and vaginal looseness. Dr. Aguirre is the first to have performed The LEO.

Our own Aesthetic Nurse Specialist, Brandy, shared her experience with The LEO:

“The LEO was minimally painful. There was just a little pinch in both areas during the few seconds that The O-Shot was administered. Two or three days after the procedure, I noticed some sensitivity in the area – I felt more aware of my clitoris. Four days after the procedure, I had intercourse and I did feel more sensitive but my orgasm was about the same.

Two weeks after the procedure, I felt a heightened, more sensitive response to my orgasm while having intercourse. It was much easier for me to reach a vaginal orgasm. Three weeks later, I can definitely tell that I’m tighter inside and I enjoy sex a lot more since I’m more sensitive and it’s easier to reach vaginal and clitoral orgasm.

I am so happy with the results! Knowing that I can experience this type of intercourse for up to two years makes me thrilled. I finally love having intercourse even more!”

If you’re curious about the Laser Enhanced O-Shot, talk to Brandy to find out  more about her experience.

If you want to regain excitement about your intimate life, contact Aguirre Specialty Care at 303.322.0500 to schedule a consultation for The LEO in Denver, Colorado.