Case # 22366

20 yo female from Arvada, Colorado located the office of Urogynecologist and master cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Oscar Aguirre through an internet search. She has been bothered by the size of her Clitoral Hood for 11 years. She is very self-conscious about the appearance of her genitals and has discomfort with certain clothing, exercise and sex. Dr. Aguirre performed a pelvic examination with a chaperone present at all times. The exam revealed bilateral labial hypertrophy with hyperpigmentation as well as excess clitoral hood skin. After discussing all surgical and non-surgical options with the patient, she was interested in moving forward with the recommended surgery. Dr. Aguirre performed, in an office-surgical setting, Labiaplasty of the Labia Minora and Clitoral Hood Reduction with Clitoropexy. She returned to the office for her regularly scheduled postop exams.