Case #20283

35 yo mother of four from Rye, Colorado scheduled an appointment with Urogynecologist and distinguished cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Oscar Aguirre after having  watched a feature segment on Colorado and Company and an internet search on Liposuction. She is a mother of four, two of which were delivered via Cesarean-Section, leaving her with undesired excess skin that hangs over the top of her scar as well as an “outie” belly button (umbilicus). After discussing her areas of concern with Dr. Aguirre, she decided to proceed with recommended surgery. Dr. Aguirre performed Vaser Liposuction of the upper and lower abdomen, anterior hips and mons as well as a mini Abdominoplasty and revision of her umbilicus, in an office-surgical setting. Patient returned to the office for routine post Liposuction Lymphatic Massage treatments very pleased with the flatness of her abdomen.