Case #20186

48 yo mother of two from Berthoud, Colorado happened upon the website of nationally renowned Urogynecologist and master cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Oscar Aguirre. Her concerns include lack of vaginal sensation and the cosmetic appearance of her labia. She is unhappy with her dark, long labia and gapping introitus. She attributes the vaginal looseness to her two vaginal deliveries, each being 9lbs. After consulting with Dr. Aguirre, it was concluded her best to be an out-patient surgery in a nearby surgical center, at which time all her concerns would be addressed during one procedure. At her request, Dr. Aguirre proceeded with performing a Vaginoplasty, Labiaplasty of labia majora and minora, Clitoral Hood Reduction with Clitoropexy and an Anal Tag Excision. She returned for her postop evaluations very happy with her surgery results.