Case # 25008

Procedures Highlighted

  • Laser Vaginal Resurfacing with FemiLift
  • O-Shot
  • Pink Intimate Treatments
  • Vaginoplasty
  • Laser Reduction Labiaplasty of Labia Minora
  • Clitoral Hood Reduction
  • Clitoropexy

40 year old mother of four from Johnstown, Colorado with a five-year history of vaginal looseness was self-referred to renowned Cosmetic Surgeon and Board Certified, Fellowship-Trained Urogynecologist Dr. Oscar Aguirre of Parker, Colorado. She feels that her vaginal looseness is impacting her sexual relations. She complains of decreased sensation despite her partner having a very large penis. She wishes her sexual experience, pleasure, sensation, and orgasms were better. She also reports a 13 year history of stress urinary incontinence. On further questioning, she is bothered by the aesthetic appearance of her vulva. She feels her labia and hood are too large and her labia majora and her inner thighs are too dark. Dr. Aguirre performed a thorough pelvic examination which revealed hyperpigmentation of her labia majora and inner thighs, bilateral labial hypertrophy with hyperpigmentation as well as redundant lateral prepuce. Inspection at the introitus reveals right periurethral tear. There is significant vaginal dryness for her age. She performed a weak pelvic floor contraction proximally, and distally there are torn pelvic floor muscles. After discussing all surgical and non-surgical options Dr. Aguirre recommended Laser Vaginal Resurfacing with FemiLift to improve urogenital health and sexual pleasure in combination with O-Shot and Pink Intimate Treatments of the Hyperpigmented Labia Majora and Inner Thighs. She moved forward with treatments as recommended and returned very happy with increased lubrication and vaginal health. She was eager to move forward definitive surgical therapy by Dr. Aguirre. Addressing aesthetic concerns, Dr. Aguirre performed in an out-patient surgery center, Vaginoplasty, Laser Reduction Labiaplasty of Labia Minora, Clitoral Hood Reduction, and Clitoropexy. She returned to the office for her regularly scheduled postop visits, very happy with her results.