Beat the Battle of the Bulge with SmartLipo

Posted: June 6, 2011

Are you considering Liposuction yet curious about the benefits of Smart Lipo over the traditional liposuction procedure? After all, it is a surgical procedure and most likely a decision you’ve been tossing around in your mind for some time now. So now you’re wondering, “What is the difference really?” and “Will the results last?”

Let’s start by explaining Smart Lipo. Smart Lipo has combined laser and liposuction to make a truly less complicated and very advanced version of the popular procedure. By utilizing the laser technology, Smart Lipo significantly lessens or in many cases completely gets rid of the many problems associated with the conventional types of liposuction. In addition, the procedure is modestly invasive, one of the top reasons why patients now prefer it over conventional liposuction.

With traditional liposuction, the liquid emulsifies the fat cells and the resulting fluid is then vacuumed from the body. While the Smart Lipo procedure also utilizes a liquid, it is the laser beam which is the principal catalyst to break down the fat cells. In short, Smart Lipo is said to be safer, cleaner, and faster than traditional liposuction.

But will the results last? Just as some dentists say, “Only brush the teeth you want to keep”, we’ll say only take care of the results you want to maintain. Typically dramatic weight change is not common after surgery rather more improvement is seen in terms of contouring. Combining an exercise regime and a healthy diet to compliment the liposuction procedure will help you permanently beat the battle of the bulge.

To learn more about this ground breaking procedure click here or see the Smart Lipo FAQ.