Botox for Overactive Bladders?

Posted: September 1, 2011

As many know, having an overactive bladder is no walk in the park. The uncontrollable and frequent urges to urinate can make one feel like they can’t be without a restroom close by for more than a few minutes. That’s no fun for anyone. Many people take prescriptions to try to control the condition but studies show that many people don’t find the drugs to be that effective over time. Others come to an office such as ours for corrective surgery, which seems to yield a much higher success rate. But looking to the future, will patients soon be able to visit our office to smooth their worry lines and curb overactive bladder syndrome with the same product?

It’s no big secret that Botox has been able to erase most of those pesky wrinkles but it’s now being pegged as a new treatment for those who suffer from overactive bladder syndrome. A recent article from states that one injection of Botox into the bladder can curb symptoms for up to nine months. Later this year, Allergen Inc., a leading pharmaceutical company profiting largely from Botox sales already, hopes to gain approval to market Botox as a treatment for those suffering from Multiple Sclerosis and spinal cord injuries. What are your thoughts? Would you look into Botox for overactive bladder syndrome if it were available?