Labiaplasty Diary #1

Originally I had searched the website to look for what I was considering doing. There are plenty of sites out there and doctors, but Dr. Aguirre’s site was the most professional to begin with. It took me so long to even come to terms with this procedure – SOOO PERSONAL.   I originally emailed six months ago and kept in touch via e-mail with Laura at the ASC office. She was great, very encouraging and informative.

I had quite a few obstacles that got in the way of my original date planned four months out. SO here we are six months later and I e-mailed again to inquire and NOW HE IS BOOKED three months out– oh no. I then started talking to Laura on the phone, she was so great to remember me and again very sweet. I made it clear I needed it done ASAP – I made up my mind and that was that. She was so great to get me in sooner so we ended up with a date that was only one month out.

I went in three weeks before to get a consult and meet Dr. Aguirre. He could not have been a more unassuming and approachable person. Very nurturing in his way of connecting with me and my husband. I met Krista his nurse assistant, what an ABSOLUTE DOLL. I LOVED HER instantly and the fact that she was there during the evaluation made me feel so much more at ease and less shameful. They had BOTH made it so easy for me to be able to go ahead and feel good enough about this procedure and myself to do this. Their method together; work ethic, professionalism is a TRUE GIFT and asset to their PRACTICE. They have the delicate balance of validating your emotions while working with you, without making you feel like a freak (which is how we all kinda feel) who SHOULD do this procedure. I Hope I am conveying how special this group is. They basically gave me permission to DRAMATICALLY improve my life.

I am very fortunate because I have been happily married to the love of my life for a couple decades here. HE HAS NEVER complained about this issue and loves me truly for all of my faults. The problem was what I felt and how I felt so shameful about feeling bad about it. The only thing he did agree with was the medical side to this. Pain with intercourse and general annoying bulges that I would be concerned with in certain clothing.

Day of the surgery:
The day of surgery comes and I am a wreck. I must mention that this is an out-patient procedure done in their beautiful, serene office. No hospitals, anesthesiologists and VERY PRIVATE. Again, the front desk girl was as sweet as possible, and Krista an absolute angel. I also meet Natasha another nurse who assisted my surgery that day who seems to be in control and has lots of experience with these procedures as well. She was very professional and took care of me. I go in and the procedure itself was not as bad as I thought it would be. I also had every confidence in Dr. Aguirre by his mannerisms I could tell he was meticulous and also by Krista who repeated to me how amazing he is and his attention to detail far surpasses any other surgeon. I BELIEVED HER! SO, they had me look right after they were done, and believe it or not, I looked so much better right after surgery all swollen and stitched than I had normally.

Post-op day 1:
Finished the surgery and home now. I am out of it and on meds, so no biggie. There is some bleeding. I am not used to narcotics or anti-inflammatory meds, so I do not need much to make me feel pretty happy and out of it.

Post-op day 2 and 3:
Day 2 and 3 are a little better. I am still a loopy but resting and icing non-stop. The bleeding has subsided and now I am just spotting a little. I must say not a whole lot of pain considering.

Post-op day 4:
I am noticeably feeling much better. Walking around just a little tired. Again non-stop ice and now I can FEEL the COLD of the ice good sign. Feeling a little better.

Post-op day 5:
It is almost like normal and I looked at it and it is looking pretty good. I now feel the skin healing. Still icing non-stop and taking the antibiotics to prevent any type of potential infection. I am also taking an anti-inflammatory as well this whole time.

Post-op day 6 and 7:
Days were the same and on the 7th day went in to remove stitches. They were amazed at how good it looked. It felt better to get those stiches out. The healing started to speed up.

Post-op days 7-14:
Seeing continual improvement. I iced less because I didn’t need to as much. I can sit a lot more comfortably now. When I do exercise I notice more swelling. I am still not full capacity with more intricate exercising, but I have been able to do cardio with no problem for over a week now.

Post-op day 15-16:
I feel like I can move around even more and a lot less sensitive or tender. I checked this morning and I think I look pretty good. Starting today, which is day 16, I feel I can get back into more of an active work-out routine which I am used to.

Post-op week 3:
Better, but still swelling when active also more tired than usual. I can sit easier though.

Post-op week 4:
Feeling much more normal. I feel like I am healed, but the skin is still tender. I am more tired than usual and still feel like I can’t jump right into my hyper-active routine yet. The body is using my extra energy to heal.

Post-op week 5:
I am now feeling like I can get back into my usual rigorous work-out routines, but I am still pacing myself till I am done with my six weeks. I cannot believe how much better I look. WHAT AN IMPROVEMENT!