Labiaplasty Diary #2

“Since adolescence I had been in great discomfort due to my enlarged labia. Anything from sitting to biking to crossing my legs brought me pain and numbness. I literally felt as though my labia had fallen asleep like a limb does. At the age of 25 I decided to research labiaplasty. I had found Dr. Aguirre on the Internet, read his testimonials and looked at his before and after pictures. I was so excited by the results. I contacted his office immediately to fix this problem once and for all. Dr. Aguirre’s team was great from the moment I stepped foot into the office. Any reservations I had about getting the procedure done were gone once I walked in. Everyone is so nice there and the atmosphere is very comfortable. They are also very accommodating when making appointments, which can be hard for me since I have a difficult schedule. They were able to make an appointment for me right away. It was decided that I would get an In-Office labia reduction, clitoral hood reduction and excision of dark perineal skin. I documented my recovery to show women that everything went well and to hopefully diminish any fears they have about getting the surgery. Hopefully this testimonial will help you all make the decision that will change your life forever.

Day of the surgery: I walked in to a very relaxed atmosphere, nothing like you would expect for pre-op. I was so excited to get the surgery. They gave me some drugs orally and took me back to the operating room. I took a nice nap during the surgery and came home shortly after. About 5 hours after the procedure I had NO pain and felt great. All the oral anesthetics had worn off. I applied ice to the area, which at that point I could not feel since I was very numb from the nerve block. There was a lot of blood coming from the site and that was normal.

Day 2: I slept through the first night fine, there was very light bleeding and the pain was at a 1 on a scale of 1-10. I woke up with no pain though. I had iced myself all throughout the night to bring the swelling down. Later that day a few stitches had fallen out and I was very swollen so I continued to apply the ice.

Day 4: I was not experiencing any pain at all in the morning. There was slight bruising so I continued to apply ice, Bactrin and Dermatix. Later in the day there was some pain so I took over the counter pain pills. It was very itchy around the sutures at this point too but everything was going well!

Day 6: I had more sensation at this point so I could feel more pain. I blew a stitch the day before so I took the medicine they prescribed me. I also took arnica montava to bring the swelling down even more. The bruising had disappeared and I was less swollen.

Day 11: The last couple days I had been in a lot of pain because I ripped a stitch during a bowel movement. Everything else had healed perfectly and the swelling was completely gone. It was looking great.

Day 15: I got my stitches out! The area where I had the most pain because of the blown stitch was feeling great. I was assured that the blown stitch did not destroy the appearance and the beautiful work Dr. Aguirre had done. I felt much better with no pain and no swelling. It looked great!

All in all I have to say the recovery was a breeze compared to what I had read about it on the Internet. Dr. Aguirre did such an amazing job along with the rest of his team. I had continuously looked at my new labia even from day one and I could see a huge difference already. I am so happy with the results. It was such an amazing experience that I even had my sister come to them to have same procedure. She also is very happy with her results. I cannot thank Dr. Aguirre enough. His work is truly amazing and you will never regret seeing him.”   N.D., Denver, CO