Katie’s Journey, Part II: Vaginal Rejuvenation with Dr. Aguirre

I had my consultation at ASC on March 25th and I have to say, it was amazing!  First of all, the office is magnificent and I was immediately impressed.  Then I met with Dr. Aguirre in the conference room.  He was very professional and kind hearted and I felt comfortable right away.

It can be awkward talking to a man about your vagina, but Dr. Aguirre didn’t make me feel uncomfortable at all.  He asked all the right questions, even the things I was thinking but wasn’t planning on saying.  For example, “If you are naked in front of your partner would you rather have the lights off?”  How did he know!?

During the exam, I was given a mirror so I could see what he was doing and comment on what I wanted to improve.  This was so helpful and I really felt like I was going to get exactly what I wanted if I went through with the surgery.  I had issues with looseness in the vagina and loss of sensation during sex, but I was also a little embarrassed about the length and color of my labia.  Dr. Aguirre showed me exactly what he would do to fix both of those issues, but also give me a clitoral hood lift to make it look even better!

By the way, I had been doing my kegels religiously, but didn’t have any increase in sensation during sex.  I had been wondering why it wasn’t working for me.   Dr. Aguirre said that my kegels were actually very strong, a 5/5, but that wasn’t the issue.  The looseness that I was feeling was actually towards the outside of the vagina where the muscles had been overstretched during child birth.  This confirmed exactly what I had thought all along, despite my OB/GYN telling me everything was completely “normal.”  I knew it!  I refused to believe that this was the new normal.  I am only 31 and I have many more years to be sexually active and I didn’t want to believe I would just have to accept never feeling any sensation again.

So, after the exam Dr. Aguirre told me that I am a good candidate for a Vaginoplasty, Labiaplasty and Clitoral Hood Lift and Reduction.  That covers everything for me as far as increasing sensation and improving the overall appearance of my lady parts.  If I was going to go through with this, I wanted to make sure my vagina is absolutely amazing and beautiful. However, my first concern was the time off from work.  Post-op requires two weeks off and then going back to work only part time for the following two weeks (unless I am feeling good enough for a full schedule).  I was worried what my manager might think about taking so much time off work.  Also, if I ever decided to have more kids I would have to have a C-Section.  I’m not too thrilled about having a scar and missing out on the “Golden Hour” with the newborn right after child birth.  That was really special for me after the birth of my son. Lastly, I’ve never had major surgery so I am really scared!  These are all the things I needed to consider before making my decision ….

I spoke to my manager and they are very understanding about having two weeks off and then a slower schedule for the following two weeks.  So we can cross that concern off the list.  Next, I thought about the importance of having a functioning vagina, especially because I am a young single mom and will obviously be dating in the future.  My main reason for having the consultation was because my confidence was so low due to my lack of sensation and the change in the appearance of my vagina after child birth.  I don’t want to be embarrassed about my vagina, especially if I meet someone really special.  It is so important for me to be able to enjoy sex and feel feminine in my next relationship!  This surgery is extremely important for me.  And who knows what will happen as far as having more children.  Suppose my Prince Charming has children of his own and doesn’t want any more kids.  Well then, I don’t have to worry about a C-Section.  I just don’t know what will happen in the future, but I would rather be able to enjoy sex now and tackle the issue of having another baby if that ever arrises.

With that said, I’ve made my decision….  I am going to have the surgery!  I am so excited to feel confident about my body again! I truly feel that Dr. Aguirre will do a fantastic job!!  I cannot wait to have enjoyable sex again and not feel embarrassed about the way that my vagina looks.  My surgery will be on May 15th.  I’m a little nervous, but feel very confident about choosing Dr. Aguirre for the job!

– Katie