Dr. Aguirre Consulted by Women’s Health Magazine Regarding Uniquely Female Bicycling Pains

Posted: July 13, 2012

Dr. Aguirre recently answered the call from Women’s Health Magazine when they were writing a July/August article entitled, “When Cycling Hurts Your Hoo-Ha.”  As any woman who has ridden a bike knows, the result can be some discomfort that is unique to women.  In fact, according to Women’s Health, 63 percent of female cyclists have reported genital pain, numbness or tingling while riding.

The Women’s Health article gives some suggestions for women seeking to avoid the “ouch.”  Many times, they say, the first time on a bike will often hurt the worst, with pain subsiding after the body adjusts.  According to Women’s Health, the cushioned seat cover — you know, the one that seems so comfy – may actually make matters worse, as a women’s body sinks into the saddle.  Better to use a harder seat which keep the body’s weight in all the right places, they say, adding that a broader seat may actually be more appropriate for a woman that a more narrow one.

The article also goes on to recommend padded shorts, (they’re padded for a good reason!), building core strength and, of course, ensuring that a bike’s set up is correct for comfort.

Dr. Aguirre gave his expert opinion on women’s genital health, offering a reminder that feminine pain that lasts longer than a week may not be due to the bike seat, after all.  In fact, Dr. Aguirre said, if a week goes by and numbness, tingling or pain have not subsided, it may be time to consult a doctor.   Some of the medical conditions that may be responsible include a plugged gland, abscess, ovarian cyst or a pinched nerve.

We’re proud that one of “Denver’s own” was called upon to offer medical advice for this national publication.  To see the full article, look for the July/August issue of Women’s Health Magazine on newsstands now.  Congratulations, Dr. Aguirre!

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