Dr. Aguirre at The Inaugural European College of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery Annual Congress in Spain

Posted: November 12, 2013

Dr. Aguirre is pleased to announce that he’ll be speaking at The Inaugural European College of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery Annual Congress in Barcelona, Spain on November 8th. The theme of ECAMS 2013 is “New Frontiers in Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery” and Dr. Aguirre will be presenting a lecture titled, “The Aging Vulva: Characteristics and Options.” The conference will bring together leaders in the field of cosmetic surgery as well as cosmetic gynecology, with Dr. Aguirre chief among them.

Dr. Aguirre considers attending and lecturing at conferences such as ECAMS 2013 an honor as well as an important obligation as Denver’s preeminent board-certified pelvic surgeon. “Opportunities such as speaking at this annual aesthetic conference in Spain are very important to me; I am happy to share my knowledge with other physicians to advance the field of cosmetic gynecology,” says Dr. Aguirre. “When I share my experience and techniques with other physicians, I know that patients all over the world are benefiting.”

Just like the skin, the vagina undergoes changes due to the aging process, like looseness, sagging skin and discoloration. Utilizing non-invasive laser vaginal rejuvenation, Dr. Aguirre can address and correct these age-related changes. Once thought to be an unavoidable pitfall of getting older, especially among women who have had multiple pregnancies, laser vaginal rejuvenation can provide an intimate makeover with permanent and undeniable results.

“Many of my patients come to me because they are bothered by these age-related changes, such as decreased vaginal muscle tone and sensation during intercourse, and are looking to turn back the clock and feel confident again,” says Dr. Aguirre. “Laser vaginal rejuvenation is a great option because it is a quick, one hour outpatient procedure that can restore the vagina and it’s supporting structures to increase a feeling of tightness that enhances sexual gratification.”

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