Dr. Fix It: Vaginal Rejuvenation With Dr. Oscar A. Aguirre at Aguirre Specialty Care in Denver, CO

Posted: April 23, 2015

Many women feel ashamed and embarrassed about having an unsatisfying and diminishing sex life due to decreased vaginal pleasure. Decreased vaginal sensation is incredibly common among women of all ages. As a urogynocologist and female pelvic surgeon I hear similar stories from women suffering from a lack of vaginal sensation and the impact it can have on their relationships and their lives Here is one woman’s story that truly represents what many women are experiencing:

“I gave birth to the most precious little boy!!! He was a large baby and I am really tiny so unfortunately things have not gone back to normal down there… I’ve been to my OB/GYN three times to tell her that I hardly feel anything during intercourse and that its so much wider now. Of course they told me that was all normal and there is nothing I can do about it. I cried and left feeling really hopeless.

Well, the father of my child broke up with me in January 2014, partially because I just couldn’t enjoy sex with him anymore because of this issue.

And now I am so embarrassed about my vagina, I am too afraid to date anyone!

What will they think?! This past year has been so confusing and sad and overwhelming at times. I’m 31yrs old and I’ve never had any problems down there in my life! I just feel like I’ve completely lost my femininity, especially because I have a more athletic figure and no curves. But now my vagina doesn’t work either?! It’s just not fair…

I am really hoping you guys can help me. I’ve got to fix this because I don’t want to be a single mom forever…. It’s sad, but it’s true! I don’t want to be embarrassed and afraid to date someone.”

All too often women are told that those changes are a normal part of childbirth and that there is no solution, or that it is nothing to be bothered by. It’s commendable that physicians are doing their best to comfort patients who are bothered by these changes, but the concerns are real, and can have a real impact on a woman’s confidence. While changes to a woman’s body after childbirth are normal, they don’t have to be permanent. With a variety of vaginal rejuvenation treatments, we can take care of your specific needs. We understand the effects decreased vaginal sensation can have on a woman’s life because we hear it often. Nothing makes us feel better than helping women revive their lives, starting with their intimate life.

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