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Case # 25682

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  • Botched Labiaplasty of Bilateral Labia Minora

36 yo mother of two from an area northeast of Denver, Colorado was referred to Dr. Oscar A. Aguirre by her gynecologist for a Labiaplasty consultation in November of 2020.  Dr. Aguirre recommended in-office cosmetic Labiaplasty, Clitoral Hood Reduction with Clitoropexy, and excision of Anal Skin Tags. Unfortunately, in February of 2021 she traveled out-of-state to have a gynecologist perform her procedure and bill her insurance. She’s had a painful post-operative experience and is traumatized by her  botched Labiaplasty. Upon examination at 7 weeks postop she was found to have bilateral Labia Minora Amputation with persistent large hood and anal skin tags. This represents a typical result following Labiaplasty performed by an in-experienced surgeon with no attention to aesthetic detail. Dr. Aguirre has recommended Revision Surgery consisting of Left Clitoral Hood Reduction with Excision of Anal Skin Tags after complete healing from her prior surgery at approximately 5-6 months postop.