Cystocele Gallery

Case # 23027

Procedures Highlighted

  • Vaginoplasty
  • Abdominal Sacrohysterocolpopexy
  • Rectocele Repair
  • Paravaginal Repair
  • Salpingectomy

36 yo mother of two from Centennial, Colorado has been referred to nationally renowned Urogynecologist and master cosmetic surgeon Dr. Oscar Aguirre by her local OBGYN for symptomatic vaginal prolapse following the delivery of her first child in 2011. Vaginal pessary trial was attempted postpartum but did not alleviate her symptoms. Since the delivery of her second child she has noticed a progression in her palpable bulge. She states that due to her prolapsed bladder and gaping vagina, she is unable to keep a tampon in place and is unable to attend public yoga classes. Her second set of concerns are regarding her sexual function, as she describes not having pleasurable sex because of difficulties with orgasm. After a thorough consultation and examination, Dr. Aguirre discussed all surgical and non-surgical options. Upon request from the patient, surgery was scheduled where Dr. Aguirre performed medically necessary procedures to correct the vaginal and uterine prolapse as well as a Vaginoplasty to address the issue of vaginal looseness. She requested Uterine preservation and thus an abdominal sacrohysterocolpopexy was performed. She returned to the office for her regularly scheduled postop appointments with excellent results.