Labia Majora Reduction Gallery

Case # 24941

Procedures Highlighted

  • Suburethral Sling
  • Rectocele Repair
  • Vaginoplasty
  • Labia Majoraplasty

33 yo mother of four from Elizabeth, Colorado referred by her local GYN to Board Certified, Fellowship-Trained Urogynecologist and renowned cosmetic surgeon Dr. Oscar Aguirre for a three-year history of symptomatic vaginal prolapse. She describes needing to splint to affect a bowel movement. She also describes stress associated urinary incontinence since her third pregnancy. Pelvic examination was significant for a symptomatic stage II rectocele. Distally there are torn pelvic floor muscles. During the examination she informed Dr. Aguirre that she is also bothered by labia majora laxity and deflation. She was scheduled for further diagnostic testing to better elucidate her bladder and urethral function, which confirmed a diagnosis of stress urinary incontinence. After discussing all surgical and non-surgical options with the patient and her husband, she decided to move forward with definitive surgical therapy. Dr. Aguirre performed, in an out-patient surgery center, procedures to address both the medical and cosmetic issues that are bothersome to the patient. She had a Rectocele Repair, Suburethral Sling, Vaginoplasty and Labia Majoraplasty. She returned to the office postoperatively for her regularly scheduled appointments doing very well and pleased with her results. She was eager to be cleared to resume normal activity, having fully healed.