Body Contouring without Surgery~ Dr. Aguirre featured in March 2017 Women’s Edition

Posted: September 29, 2017

Many people think that fat reduction and weight loss are the same thing, but they’re very different. When you lose weight, fat cells get smaller…which means they can also get larger again. With fat reduction, fat cells are removed entirely, so they can’t refill with fat.  If that’s your goal, Aguirre Specialty Care can help.

Oscar A Aguirre, MD, FACOG, has offered female pelvic medicine and cosmetic surgery in Denver for 20 years. His patients often asked about fat reduction, which could be done at the same time as vaginal rejuvenation or other procedures, limiting downtime.

Patients who want to avoid surgery, downtime, pain, and anesthesia are often good candidates for non-surgical body contouring, “but only if it works, rlght?”   Dr. Aguirre smiles. He chose CoolSculpting for his practice because the procedure provides permanent fat reduction. As   the CoolSculpting  website states, this fat-freezing procedure “actually reduces the  number of fat cells  in treated areas by 20  percent to  25 percent.  These fat cells are naturally processed and eliminated, so they won’t migrate to another area of your body.” Millions of patients have been treated, and CoolSculpting brings a 95 percent satisfaction rate. Dr. Aguirre added the procedure to his menu of services in December of 2016. He has the newest machine, which takes less time and has the most comfortable applicators.

What sets Dr. Aguirre apart from other practitioners who offer non-surgical body contouring is his seven years of surgical fat removal experience. CoolSculpting is not the answer for every individual, he notes, but he can provide the best option for a variety of patients. In some cases, the patient might need to lose weight before looking at fat reduction options. “Proper evaluation, proper patient selection, and managing expectations are the keys to success,” he asserts. Several staff members at Aguirre Specialty Care have attended CoolSculpting University and have received treatments themselves.

One of the biggest challenges is patient expectations. “Patients think they will have a six-pack or look like the ads,” Dr. Aguirre says. He and his staff spend a lot of time counseling patients on realistic goals. “The more knowledge patients have, the more empowered they are in their decisions,” he emphasizes. “It is rewarding to improve a patient’s confidence.”

Wendy Haynes, the patient care coordinator, has been with Aguirre Specialty Care for three years and confirms Dr. Aguirre’s statements. “I like to see that we’re helping women,” Wendy says. “Patients often come in crying and are so happy when they leave. They give Dr. Aguirre hugs and tell us how much they love what he has done.”

Wendy loves working on such a great team. ·”We show up every day because we love being here and we believe in what he is doing,” she states. In addition to providing consultations and explaining costs, Wendy also performs CoolSculpting procedures.  Side effects can include bruising or the desire for a second treatment, but “it’s rare that a patient doesn’t see results.”

The CoolSculpting website notes that you may not weigh less after your treatment, but you will look thinner and your clothes will fit better. Patient Karrie Plantenberg agrees. “I am very active,” Karrie says. “Now, I look the way I feel.” Karrie has received hormone treatment from Dr. Aguirre, as well as undergoing a pelvic lift and vaginal rejuvenation. When she was recently looking for a way to reduce the fat pocket on her flanks, she again turned to Dr. Aguirre. Karrie’s recent brain surgery ruled her out as a surgical candidate, so she chose Coo!Sculpting for fat reduction. Her procedure involved two treatments to two areas of her body. Despite slight bruising during healing, Karrie is thrilled. “I literally saw results in the first week!” she exclaims. “I’m totally sold on  it.”

Dr. Aguirre, his patients, and his staff agree that CoolSculpting is a good addition to the suite of services at Aguirre Specialty Care. “We are providing a full complement of services that can be addressed with one recovery,” Dr. Aguirre says.

When he is not changing his patients’ lives, Dr. Aguirre enjoys spending time with his wife and children. “I want my children to be confident, and I don’t want my daughter to be hung up on image. I hope she never feels she needs the services I offer,” he says, with fatherly concern. “She’s beautiful just the way she is.”

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