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Not Just Any Doctor Will Do… You Need a Specialist! Denver, CO

You wouldn’t ask a podiatrist to perform your mammogram. And your dentist probably isn’t your first choice for an endoscopy. While these examples are a bit extreme, they illustrate the vital need for health care specialists—doctors who devote their lives to mastering a specific set of skills. Dr. Oscar A. Aguirre is one such doctor…. Read more »

Botox for Incontinence

Do you experience leakage due to an overactive bladder? Urinary incontinence is common but can’t always be fully treated with oral medication. FDA-approved Botox® may be the right treatment to help you with your overactive bladder. Botox can increase bladder capacity, reduce urinary leakage, and decrease any pressure in the bladder that can cause leakage…. Read more »

The Aging Vulva: Intimate Makeover & Cosmetic Gynecology

Here at Aguirre Specialty Care, we specialize in Female Pelvic Medicine and Cosmetic Gynecology, a subspecialty that more and more women are becoming familiar with due to unhappiness about their intimate appearance. Are you noticing that, in addition to wrinkles and weight changes from the aging process, that there are also noticeable changes in your… Read more »

It’s Official: Fat Does Not Return to Liposuction Sites

According to a study published in the August 2012 issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, fat cells neither return to treated areas nor get redistributed to untreated areas of the body after liposuction.  This new study clarifies a report published last year in Obesity, which initiated a controversy by saying fat returned to untreated areas… Read more »

S.B. Centennial, CO

Dear Dr. Aguirre, It was good seeing you at my recent check-up.  I can’ t believe it has been 6 years since my Total Prolift and TVT sling. The surgery allowed me to continue my busy and active lifestyle; without the fear of urine leakage. I have not had any bladder problems. Everything is working… Read more »