Intimate Health 101: Vaginal Rejuvenation

Posted: October 12, 2017

vaginal rejuvenationWhat is vaginal rejuvenation?  We see it every day at Aguirre Specialty Care—women who suffer from vaginal laxity and its unpleasant consequences, from decreased sensitivity to diminished sexual pleasure for both partners. Often the result of aging or childbirth, vaginal laxity is a common symptom among women. Unfortunately, many women suffer in silence, dismissing their symptoms as unimportant or thinking there’s nothing they can do about them.

We’re here to remind you that there’s help! We offer an effective treatment for vaginal laxity called Geneveve™.  Geneveve is a non-invasive treatment that uses radio-frequency energy to tighten the tissues of the vaginal opening, or introitus.

Research shows that Geneveve can significantly enhance sexual enjoyment by tightening the vaginal entrance, increasing the ability to orgasm as well as the intensity of orgasms. In a clinical study, nearly 90 percent of patients reported significant and sustained tightening, sensation, and satisfaction up to 12 months after treatment. Also worth noting—Geneveve is a comfortable treatment with no downtime or side effects, taking only 30 minutes to perform.

For enhanced benefits, Geneveve pairs well with FemiLift™ non-surgical laser resurfacing. FemiLift stimulates new collagen growth, tightening the interior of the vagina as well strengthening the supporting ligaments surrounding the bladder and urethra to improve symptoms of stress urinary incontinence.

Because your health and satisfaction are our ultimate priority, we’re proud to offer an extensive selection of leading vaginal rejuvenation treatments like Geneveve and FemiLift at Aguirre Specialty Care. If you’d like to learn more, we can’t wait to help! Call 303.322.0500 or click here to schedule your consultation today.