The Aging Vulva: Intimate Makeover & Cosmetic Gynecology

Posted: January 13, 2014

Here at Aguirre Specialty Care, we specialize in Female Pelvic Medicine and Cosmetic Gynecology, a subspecialty that more and more women are becoming familiar with due to unhappiness about their intimate appearance.

Are you noticing that, in addition to wrinkles and weight changes from the aging process, that there are also noticeable changes in your vagina and vulva?

Due to hormonal changes, childbirth and the aging process, many women experience noticeable and unpleasant changes in their private area. The treatments and procedures available at Aguirre Specialty Care of Denver can improve the function as well as the appearance of the vagina and restore many women’s confidence.

A recent Lancet study revealed that women between the ages of 65 and 74 years have reported having sex within the last year, as did 56% of men in the same age range. These numbers are proof that women of mature age are sexually active and can benefit from the services provided at ASC Denver.

Dr. Aguirre will be speaking at the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery in January in Florida specifically about the aging vulva.  He will also be speaking on the same topic in January at the 7th World Congress of the International Society of Cosmetogynocology in conjunction with the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery’s 30th Annual Scientific meeting.

He states “as men and women are living longer, have healthier lives, and continue to have active sex lives well beyond their reproductive years, we need to view sexual health and well-being as an issue of lifelong importance.”

If you or someone close to you is experiencing age related changes to their vagina, it may be time to come in for a consultation. Dr. Aguirre is the premier expert in Denver in cosmetic gynecology and female pelvic medicine and can help enhance intimacy, improve chronic conditions as well as restore the vagina to a more youthful state.

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