Jessica Simpson Considers Mommy Makeover: REAL Mommy Makeover in Denver, CO

Posted: October 9, 2014

After the birth of her second child, Jessica Simpson is considering a tummy tuck as part of a Mommy Makeover, similar to those available at Aguirre Specialty Care in Denver, CO. In Touch Magazine recently revealed that although she has lost all her baby weight, she is unhappy with the appearance of loose, sagging tissue on the abdomen.

It is common for new mothers to remain unhappy even after losing the baby weight; diet and exercise alone cannot correct stretched skin and excess fat on the belly.

With your new bundle of joy often comes a new bundle of bulge. While nothing can bring you joy like your child, nothing can make you as insecure as stretched skin and stubborn, unwanted fat.

Your solution may be a REAL Mommy Makeover in Denver with Dr. Oscar A. Aguirre. A REAL Mommy Makeover frequently combines a tummy tuck with minimally invasive VASERlipo™ in order to deliver a noticeable result with decreased downtime and trauma.

The procedure takes between 2-4 hours depending on how much tissue needs to be removed.  Patients generally are able to return to their normal routine in 2 weeks, though a compression garment is required to be worn during the recovery period.

At Aguirre Specialty Care, our patient’s comfort and satisfaction is one of our priorities and for that we offer, post-care massage therapy to minimize swelling and promote rapid healing.

If you have had it with your bundle of belly bulge, it is time to consider a Real Mommy Makeover to get you back to your pre baby bod.  Don’t continue to exercise and eat right with no results, let Aguirre Specialty Care help!

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