Katie’s Journey Part IV: Vaginal Rejuvenation with Dr. Oscar A. Aguirre at Aguirre Specialty Care in Denver, CO

Have you been following Katie’s journey from the start? Her operation is complete and she believes Dr. Aguirre created a masterpiece:

I was a little nervous about the suture removal because, of course, it is a very sensitive area…especially after major surgery. Brandy was absolutely wonderful. She applied a numbing cream prior to taking out the stitches. It didn’t exactly “numb” the area, but I think it definitely took the edge off. If you can get a bikini wax, you can easily get your stitches removed. (In fact, I think waxing is much worse!) Brandy told me every time she was about to pull out a stitch so I knew it was coming. I actually asked her if she would mind if I played Pharrell’s “Happy” on my iPhone while she was taking out the stitches…ya know, just to lighten the mood. A slight pinch and voila! All done, it was that easy. Now I could really see what my labia looked like after the surgery and I was extremely happy with the results! Much better than before!!!

After 6 weeks, I went back in for my post op check up. I was feeling pretty much back to normal at that point! Maybe just a tiny bit of pressure in the perineum still, but that was it. When I arrived, I told Dr. Aguirre that it might be a masterpiece. He used a speculum to make sure all the vaginal muscles had healed properly and he used a mirror to show me the difference in size. I still cannot believe what a difference! It is so much tighter than before. No more sagging skin over my clitoral hood and no more large and dark labia! Um, hello…its beautiful! I feel so much more confident than I did before. Thank you so much, Dr. Aguirre, for creating a masterpiece! You truly are the “Vagician.”

Stay tuned for the next part in Katie’s journey: The Test Drive.


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