Meet Aguirre Specialty Care’s Patient Coordinator

Posted: March 7, 2011

Each month we will be highlighting one of the Aguirre Specialty Care team members on our blog and in our email newsletter. At Aguirre Specialty Care we have an exceptional team of medical and patient service support staff and we are pleased to introduce them and their professional expertise to you. This month we are pleased to introduce Aguirre Specialty Care’s Patient Coordinator, Letha Heitman.

If you’ve visited Aguirre Specialty Care recently, you’ve probably had the pleasure of meeting Letha. Letha is very passionate about medical aesthetics. She has over 20 years working in cosmetic surgery and dermal aesthetics, including in-office surgical assisting, as well as extensive laser and skin care experience. The favorite part of her job is educating patients in making decisions on what wonderful results cosmetic surgery can provide. In her own caring and understanding manner, Letha loves to counsel women and make them feel comfortable.

Letha is a Colorado native who believes that family is most important. She values spending time with her husband and also enjoys dinner out with her son and daughter-in-law. Letha loves dogs and now that her son is grown, she considers her dogs to be her babies! If you ask Letha for the best advice, she’ll tell you, “Life is too short; find a positive in every negative.”

A brief Question and Answer with Letha…

Why did you become a Patient Coordinator?
After working many years in cosmetic medical surgery I wanted to use my experience to educate patients in making decisions on what wonderful results cosmetic surgery can provide. As I tell every patient, if it bothers you and you can do something about it, why not? There is a rainbow in the end.

What is the favorite part of your job?
I love educating patients. I love to council women. Providing a comfortable space for them to share their concerns and desires is important. I care and I understand.

What photos do have on your desk?

What is your favorite quote?
Believe and you shall receive