New Brilliance Peel Chemical Peels Available at Aguirre Specialty Care

Posted: June 6, 2014

We are so excited to announce our newest non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatment here at Aguirre Specialty Care in Denver!  The new Brilliance Peel chemical peels can help dramatically reduce the appearance of signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles, sun spots, age spots, broken capillaries, large pores and even acne. Best of all, the Brilliance Peel chemical peel can be customized to address your unique cosmetic concerns with minimal downtime.

Get stunning, summer-ready skin with the Brilliance Peel! Chemical peels work by exfoliating away the layer of dead skin cells on the surface of your complexion, which bind together like glue and highlight imperfections that result from the aging process and environmental toxins. Once this layer of dead skin is removed, the newer, healthier, more radiant skin cells below are revealed. Your complexion will look brighter, younger, refreshed and rejuvenated!

Brilliance Peel chemical peels is a quick, safe and effective skin rejuvenation treatment that poses minimal downtime. While just one peel can produce more beautiful skin, a series of chemical peels is typically recommended to achieve significant, dramatic anti-aging results. This is also a very popular treatment for the neck, chest (décolleté) and for hand rejuvenation.

Chemical peels, like the Brilliance Peel available at ASC Denver, are a favorite, non-invasive anti-aging skin secret of many celebrities. Ageless beauties Naomi Watts, Jennifer Aniston and Madonna all swear by chemical peels – and after your Brilliance Peel in Denver, we know you will, too!

Do you want to rediscover your skin’s brilliance? Schedule your Brilliance Peel chemical peel at Aguirre Specialty Care in Denver today.  Call 303-322-0500.