Dr. Oscar A. Aguirre of Denver, CO, Announces Launch of VASER™ Smooth, Minimally-Invasive Cellulite Solution

Aguirre Specialty Care has added VASER Smooth to the list of services available to Denver- area patients.

Denver, CO (PRWEB) July 27, 2013 — Dr. Oscar A. Aguirre, Fellowship-Trained Urogynecologist and Medical Director of Aguirre Specialty Care in Denver, announced that his practice has begun offering VASER Smooth, a minimally-invasive cellulite treatment. VASER Smooth selectively emulsifies superficial fatty tissue and breaks up the structures responsible for the skin dimpling and contour irregularities commonly referred to
as cellulite.

“Physicians and patients have been giving VASER Smooth rave views, stating that it is quicker and more effective than other types of cellulite treatments available on the market now,” said Dr. Aguirre. “I am excited to add this minimally invasive cellulite solution to ASC’s ever-growing list of body shaping and body contouring procedures.”

Similar to other VASER products, VASER Smooth uses ultrasound technology to emulsify fat and break up the structures that cause skin to dimple. The procedure requires very small incisions to place the device beneath the skin, but downtime after the procedure is minimal.

“VASER Smooth is not liposuction,” said Dr. Aguirre, “and so by itself it does not remove fat. Rather, it improves skin irregularities and dimpling on the areas being treated. However, like so many of the procedures offered at Aguirre Specialty Care, VASER Smooth can be planned in conjunction with other body contouring procedures for an all-around great result for patients.”

To learn more about VASER Smooth at Aguirre Specialty Care, call 303-322-0500 or email sharon@ascdenver.com