Top Denver Surgeon, Dr. Oscar A. Aguirre, Marks 15 Years Practicing Urogynecology

Denver Fellowship-Trained Urogynecologist and Female Sexual Medicine Expert, Dr. Oscar A. Aguirre, Announces His 15-Year Anniversary Practicing Urogynecology.

Denver, CO (PRWEB) June 26, 2012 — 2012 Dr. Oscar A. Aguirre, Fellowship-Trained Urogynecologist and Medical Director of Aguirre Specialty Care in Denver, is pleased to announce that this is the 15th anniversary of his urogynecology practice. Dr. Aguirre started his career as a urogynecologist and reconstructive pelvic
surgeon in 1997. He has been the medical director of Aguirre Specialty Care since 1999. Dr. Aguirre is an expert in addressing both women’s functional and aesthetic concerns, including vaginal prolapse, laser vaginal rejuvenation and labiaplasty/revision labiaplasty, as well as post pregnancy changes which he addresses through The Real Mommy Makeover™.

Dr. Aguirre states, “The last 15 years have been a very exciting time for urogynecology, as the field has advanced. During this time, I have listened to the needs and concerns of women, and am constantly evolving my practice to address the types of issues that women face, both functional and cosmetic, through all stages of life.”

According to Dr. Aguirre, a career highlight was his 2011 invitation to speak at the World Congress on Female and Male Cosmetic Genital Surgery, presenting to the largest association of gynecologic specialists in female cosmetic medicine and surgery in the world. “I was delighted to share insights, training and expertise with members of this group, leaders who are at the forefront of promoting advances in the field of cosmetic gynecology.”

Dr. Aguirre, who is Board Certified by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology, said the range of services offered by Aguirre Specialty Care has evolved in direct response to the concerns of his patients. “I am first and foremost a urogynecologist,” said Dr. Aguirre, “but I have learned over the years that many types of procedures complement urogynecology. For instance, Aguirre Specialty Care offers The Real Mommy Makeover, a set of options that look to a wide range of post-pregnancy issues that a woman may experience, from cosmetic and functional intimate concerns to body contouring needs such as tummy tuck and even bio-identical hormones.”

“The future is bright for the field of urogynecology and for women’s sexual and functional health, as we continue to make advances in the types of services we can offer. My hope is that the next 15 years will be just as exciting as the last 15,” said Dr. Aguirre.

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