Urgent® PC – Non-Surgical Treatment For Overactive Bladder

Posted: August 28, 2014

Have you heard about Urgent PC, available now at Aguirre Specialty Care? It’s a new, non-surgical way and no downtime way to treat the embarrassing symptoms of overactive bladder, urinary urgency, urinary frequency and urge incontinence.

So, how can we improve bladder function without any surgery or downtime? The Urgent PC system delivers a specific type of neuromodulation called percutaneous tibial nerve stimulation (PTNS). During this comfortable, 30-minute in-office treatment, a slim electrode is painlessly inserted into the ankle. This electrode then sends mild impulses along the leg and into the pelvic floor, strengthening the pelvic floor and improving bladder function. In just 12 treatments, spaced about one week apart, you can finally have your overactive bladder symptoms under control!

In fact, in a recent study by the manufacturer, 60-80% of patients saw a satisfactory improvement in their overactive bladder symptoms…and all without surgery or downtime!

Because the nerves in the pelvic floor need to be re-trained and strengthened, results typically become noticeable 5-7 weeks following the beginning of your treatment, though this can vary depending upon the patient. Best of all, the risk of side effects is extremely low with this non-surgical treatment, such as mild inflammation at the stimulation site.

If you thought surgery was your only option for dealing with your overactive bladder symptoms, such as urgency, frequency and incontinence, learn more about Urgent PC at Aguirre Specialty Care in Denver, CO. To schedule your consultation to discuss this top treatment for overactive bladder in Denver, call 303.322.0500.