Am I Normal? Denver, CO

Posted: February 13, 2020

If you’ve ever worried about being normal, you’re normal to wonder if you’re normal! From time to time, we all ask ourselves this question. However, we’d like to challenge your mindset with a different question. Instead of wondering whether you’re normal, we’d like you to ask yourself, “How do I feel?” and “Why do I feel this way?”

Man and woman taking a selfie

The truth is, there’s no such thing as normal, really. One of our specialties at Aguirre Specialty Care is helping people experience more gratifying sex lives with their partners. And when it comes to couples, normal is definitely a relative term! To illustrate our point: a happily married couple who has sex once a month may consider their sex lives to be “normal and perfect,” whereas another happy couple may struggle feeling satisfied with once-a-week intimacy.

Rather than focusing on what’s normal, our goal at Aguirre Specialty Care is to identify the root causes of your concerns so we can provide you with the right solutions. To refer back to our previous example, if you feel like once-a-week sex is inadequate because you wish your partner would initiate intimacy more, it’s possible that your partner could be suffering from a low libido, for which there are several viable solutions. Low testosterone, for example, is a common culprit for low sex drive. Aguirre Specialty Care works closely with Milestone Preventive Medicine to treat hormonal imbalances in both men and women.

This is a simplified example, of course. Restoring a couple’s intimate vitality is an intricate process that can involve several factors for both partners (see last week’s blog for a perfect example), and this is exactly why Aguirre Specialty Care offers such a wide range of treatments, from The P-Shot® for men to The FemiLift laser vaginal resurfacing for women, and so much more.

Another common concern about being “normal” that affects many women of every age is the appearance of the labia. So many women worry about the size and shape of their labial skin to the extent that it hinders their confidence and prevents them from enjoying intimacy with their partners. Our focus at Aguirre Specialty Care isn’t on whether you’re normal. After all, labial skin comes in all shapes and sizes. What we want to know is: 1) How are you feeling? 2) Do you feel pain or other physical discomfort from chafing? 3) Do you feel pain during intercourse? 4) Does your vaginal opening feel loose as well? Oftentimes, a patient presents with one concern without realizing that they are suffering from something else, or several distinct yet interconnected issues.

This is where Aguirre Specialty Care can help! We work to restore your intimate health and balance by providing a combination of proven treatments, if indicated. Depending on your unique needs, we offer The FemiLift which resurfaces your entire vaginal wall and tightens the pelvic floor, The Viveve Treatment for tightening the vaginal entrance and The O-Shot® for boosting orgasm intensity, libido and lubrication, to name just a few proven solutions. Best of all, most of the treatments on our menu involve little to no downtime.

Don’t worry about being normal! We want you to be amazing! To learn more about feeling your amazing best, please call 303.322.0500 or request a personal consultation today.