Photofacials: One Step Closer to the “Fountain of Youth”?

Posted: January 8, 2013

At Aguirre Specialty Care, we’ve been delighting patients for years by delivering clearer, smoother skin with photofacials. But the evidence is in that the benefits may extend way beyond a temporary, fresher appearance.

A new study conducted at Stanford University and published by the Journal of Investigative Dermatology demonstrates that Broadband Light (BBL) treatments — otherwise known as photofacials — not only deliver visibly brighter, more radiant looking skin, but also work on a deeper molecular level to actually change genetic patterns of aged skin to more closely resemble young skin.

“This is the closest we’ve come to discovering a Fountain of Youth,” said Dr. Patrick Bitter, Jr., MD, in a recent webinar presentation. Dr. Bitter is the founder and developer of the first Fotofacial™ procedure. Photofacials have been successfully used at Aguirre Specialty Care to treat and reduce a wide range of conditions associated with aging skin including:

• Enlarged Pores

• Rosacea

• Facial Redness

• Broken Capillaries

• Brown (age or sun) Spots

• Fine lines and wrinkles

However, photofacials may do more than improve the appearance of the skin. They may actually be preventive, helping delay or even prevent aging in the skin. A second study carried out by Dr. Bitter provides clinical evidence that patients who have received regular photofacials over a period of about a decade maintained significantly younger looking skin. “In my experience, no skin care product, bio-identical hormone regimen, supplement or vitamin can improve skin and slow down its aging better than light therapy can,” said Dr. Bitter. This second study also provides intriguing evidence that photofacials could possibly reduce the risk of skin cancer.

For optimal skin rejuvenation results, Aguirre Specialty Care recommends a series of treatments carried out over the course of several months.

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