The Real Mommy Makeover and Vaginal Rejuvenation

Posted: May 25, 2012

Until recently, it was a secret. Women did not discuss the intimate details of what happens to their bodies after childbirth or reaching a certain age, nor did they discuss their desire to seek cosmetic solutions for intimate issues.  Certainly, more common cosmetic procedures are more openly discussed in forums such as daytime talk shows. It has been acceptable to talk about sagging breasts, excess abdominal fat, drooping skin and even stretch marks that naturally appear on many women’s bodies at a certain point in time.  However, that is only part of the range of changes to a woman’s body after childbirth.

Today, more and more women are discussing a new kind of Mommy Makeover, the Real Mommy Makeover, available at Aguirre Specialty Care in Denver, Colorado. Dr. Aguirre, a fellowship-trained urogynecologist who has dedicated his entire surgical career to the evaluation and management of vaginal relaxation and bladder/bowel disorders explains: “What sets the Real Mommy Makeover apart from the other “mommy makeover” cosmetic procedures is the range of intimate concerns that can be addressed. With the Real Mommy Makeover, we are able to correct issues such as vaginal looseness, vaginal prolapse, decreased sensation and sagging or enlarged labia commonly resulting from childbirth. We can also correct urinary or bowel issues.”

Vaginal rejuvenation at Aguirre Specialty Care tightens the inside of the vaginal canal and the opening of the vagina to enhance pleasure and function. Childbirth and aging can damage the supportive tissue in the vaginal walls and muscles which may result in relaxing the vaginal opening.

Dr. Aguirre says, “Key to the Real Mommy Makeover is our understanding that each woman has unique concerns, and that these may vary widely from person to person.  While body contour issues are important, our goal is to look well beyond changes to the abdomen and breasts.  We understand the importance of correcting intimate issues for women, and looking to correct less widely considered problems such as excess fat in the pubic area. As part of our total-woman approach in the Real Mommy Makeover, we also consider skin issues that commonly occur with hormonal fluctuations like melisma (pregnancy mask) and acne.  Our goal is to treat the whole woman.”

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