Removing Transvaginal Mesh in Denver, CO at Aguirre Specialty Care

Posted: April 8, 2016

You can trust Dr. Oscar A. Aguirre to remove transvaginal mesh or other intimate concerns in Denver, Colorado.Surgical mesh has been offered to provide relief from a variety of treatments for years. However, many women who have had the surgery later experience further complications such as pain, erosion, infections, organ perforation, bleeding, urinary problems, and pain during sex. Dr. Oscar A. Aguirre is helping women greatly improve their lives by surgically removing this mesh.

One testimonial illustrates the significance of his work, “I elected to have my trans vaginal/bladder mesh removed by Dr. Aguirre. His staff was very compassionate and informative. They were all quite pleasant. I am so elated about the outcome of my surgery. My pain level and mobility improved immediately. What a difference! I am forever grateful to Dr. Aguirre and his team. I can now have hope in tomorrow. Sincerely, Margaret W.”

Dr. Aguirre is a leader in the field of pelvic surgery and intimate aesthetics. With more than 15 years of experience and training with world-renowned doctors, Dr. Aguirre’s expertise is some of the best in the field.

If you’re interested removing your transvaginal mesh or addressing other intimate concerns, schedule your consultation today by calling Aguirre Specialty Care at 303.322.0500!