Signs Your Sex Life Needs Medical Help Denver, CO

Posted: June 16, 2022

The first order of business is reminding you that the sex scenes you see in the movies and on TV aren’t real, and that if your sex life seems to pale in comparison, we welcome you to the human race. In other words, all those perfectly choreographed love scenes on screen are simply not sustainable. Period. There’s no such thing as having a perfect sex life, where both partners consistently orgasm in unison and with such great intensity that they are utterly overwhelmed by their passion. That’s a ridiculous notion, and yet so many of us hold ourselves to this absurd standard without even realizing it!

The main point we’d like to drive home is that you deserve to have a healthy and fulfilling sex life that works perfectly for YOU. Forget about what you see on screen. It’s time to focus on a sex life that brings YOU the intimacy and joy you deserve.

Here are a few key factors to consider if you’re thinking about pursuing sexual wellness treatments with Aguirre Specialty Care:


How often do you feel in the mood? If you rarely or never feel up for intimacy, you may benefit from professional attention at Aguirre Specialty Care. Low libido can result from a wide range of factors, from changing hormone levels during menopause to stress, depression or physical issues. During your personal consultation, Dr. Aguirre will be able to identify possible contributing factors and treatments to help boost your sexual desire.

Three possible treatment options:

1) The O-Shot® uses a concentrated portion of your very own blood to boost blood flow and cellular revitalization in your clitoris and anterior vaginal wall. All of this revitalization works in tandem to enhance your libido and sexual sensation.

2) The Viveve treatment is a non-invasive radiofrequency (RF) device that is clinically proven to tighten the vaginal entrance and boost sexual satisfaction for up to a year.

 3) BHRT (bioidentical hormone replacement therapy) may help to boost a low libido caused by an imbalance in hormone levels. We will work closely with Milestone Preventive Medicine to administer BHRT, depending on your unique needs.


Do you feel aroused and ready for sex but still struggle to reach orgasm? Or, when you do reach orgasm, is your climax not as intense or satisfying as you would like? We can help at Aguirre Specialty Care! Difficulty with orgasm is a very common concern and has plenty of proven treatment options. The O-Shot and the Viveve treatment are two options mentioned above that can help to boost orgasm intensity. FemiLift™ is a laser treatment that resurfaces the entire circumference of the vagina to help tighten the vagina, boost blood flow and trigger new cellular growth, all of which can help boost orgasm intensity. We may recommend a combination of these treatments to help you reach your goals. Our vaginal rejuvenation therapy, for example, combines FemiLift, The O-Shot and Viveve to help you enjoy a synergistic boost of sexual revitalization.


Do you ever experience pain during intercourse? Pain should never be dismissed and is a definite sign that you need to come in for an exam. Pain during sex could be a sign of an undiagnosed medical condition such as pelvic organ prolapse (POP). Pain can also be caused by a physical concern like chafing. For example, if your labial skin is stretched out from childbirth or you were simply born with large labia, it can sometimes cause chafing during sex or while wearing tight-fitting exercise pants. Labial skin comes in all shapes and sizes, so there’s nothing wrong with having large labia. It’s all relative, so what one person deems large is regular to another. However, if your labial skin is causing you discomfort, either physically, emotionally or both, you deserve to explore solutions. The good news is that you’re in the right place at Aguirre Specialty Care. Dr. Aguirre has been helping women achieve comfort and satisfaction in all aspects of their intimate life and health for more than 15 years! He performs labiaplasty routinely and is such an expert that he corrects the work of botched labiaplasties (revision labiaplasty) performed by less qualified surgeons. The bottom line: pain during intercourse deserves medical attention, so schedule your consultation with us today!

Dr. Aguirre and his dedicated team can’t wait to help you reclaim your most fulfilling intimate life. So what are you waiting for? Call us at 303-322-0500 or request a consultation online today.