C.S. Lakewood, CO

Posted: December 12, 2012 | By: xcite

For years I struggled with incontinence – always needing to be “on guard” to the possibility of an unexpected sneeze or cough  – planning out when I traveled where the next bathroom might be.  Being a very active woman  it was very disconcerting to have to always be thinking about this.   After a consult with Dr. Aguirre I decided to go forward with the surgery to implant a TVT sling.  The surgery was quick and easy, in and out in a very short time, and the recovery was painless and fast.  The great news is the problem is gone!!  I just returned from a very active trip – what a sense of relief and freedom I had with no worries about an accident!

Dr. Aguirre & his staff were fabulously supportive in every way.  I highly recommend Dr. Aguirre and his work.

C.S., Lakewood, CO

On 10/8/12, Dr. Aguirre performed a TVT Exact sling for a 25 year history of stress urinary incontinence.