H.L. of Aurora, Colorado

Posted: March 7, 2016 | By: Jodie Cross


I can’t say enough positive things about Dr. Aguirre and his staff. Everyone took the time to explain the procedure to me. All of my issues were dealt with immediately. All of my questions answered clearly. Bedside manner is very important to me. Dr. Aguirre will immediately put you at ease. I am someone who had avoided male Dr.’s due to bad experiences with them being too rough. I did not have this problem with Dr. Aguirre at all. I did combine an O Shot with my treatment to increase sensitivity and lubrication ( additional charge of $1,800). Femilift with the O Shot was exactly what I needed to enhance my sex life. I literally feel 20 yrs. old again ( I am 45 yrs. old). The procedure was designed to be done in 3 steps over a 3 month period. I took a little longer to heal than most. My first treatment was 8/15 and my last was 1/16. My end result was the same as expected. I now have a tighter, more lubricated vagina. My vagina also appears younger inside and out ( I will not post photos, sorry.) Any issues you are having below the waist this is the Dr. for you! You will not be led in the wrong direction. Dr. Aguirre will tell you exactly what you need to feel your best.


In January 2016 H.L. completed a FemiLift Series for a 2 year history vaginal looseness and dryness. At her third treatment she had a Laser Enhanced O-Shot (LEO) for a greater then 1 year history anorgasmia, inability to orgasm. When seen for follow-up in February she reported the above results plus a return of her orgasms!