M.M., Colorado Springs

Posted: June 14, 2016 | By: Sharon Manzione

Dear Dr. Aguirre,

I took your online survey, however I wanted to personally express my gratitude to you for enabling me to have a normal life again.  Of great importance to me also, is the respectful manner in which you engage with your patients.  I am of a generation of women, who in the early days of our OBGYN experiences, were treated like a lab specimen often referred to in the third person.  Thank you for being clear and direct about what my procedure entailed, the potential outcomes and for your outstanding surgical skills.

Furthermore, I am most grateful you are willing to accept those of us on Medicare.  I believe there is a special place in heaven for you.  Without your generosity, I would be relegated to hiding our for the rest of my days.

Please drive carefully, I have prayed to the angels to keep you safe.

Best regards to you and your wonderful staff,

M.M., Colorado Springs, CO