NMM Highlands Ranch, CO

May 22, 2012 For 15 years I struggled with the embarrasment of stress incontinence.  I finally sought the advice of Dr. Aguirre.  What a wonderful experience!  His staff is very professional and answered all of my concerns.  They take great care of you!  Dr. Aguirre is the best!  Everyone at ASC is wonderful!  My only… Read more »

C. Smith Morrison, CO

Dear Dr. Aguirre, Friday, May 11th, is the first anniversary of my major repair and all I can say is THANK YOU! This past year has flown by and I’ve never felt better. You have no idea how I had suffered through those years of just not feeling right about myself and when my Internist… Read more »

S.B. Centennial, CO

Dear Dr. Aguirre, It was good seeing you at my recent check-up.  I can’ t believe it has been 6 years since my Total Prolift and TVT sling. The surgery allowed me to continue my busy and active lifestyle; without the fear of urine leakage. I have not had any bladder problems. Everything is working… Read more »

Castle Rock, CO

For me, it was a quality of life issue.  There were becoming more and more instances where I was “caught” by a sneeze or a cough and I was required to change my clothes. I was fearful that I was going to be presenting to a roomful of people at work and I would be… Read more »