Successful Trans Vaginal Mesh procedure at 10 years

Posted: August 26, 2016 | By: Sharon Manzione

“In 2006, I was a 53 year old woman who was greatly alarmed my female organs had prolapsed drastically.  I went to Dr. Oscar A. Aguirre who ordered appropriate tests that diagnosed my specific condition.   I was terrified of potential pain and discomfort, but the procedure and recovery was managed very well.  In 2016 I had a complete exam and found that the surgery was a complete success for over 10 years!  This has made a difference in my marriage, my self esteem and overall happiness.”

D.R., Denver, CO

On March 15, 2006 Dr.Aguirre performed an anterior and posterior Prolift procedure with uteropexy to correct a long history of stage III prolapse.  She also had an anterior sphincter repair to address fecal incontinence.  She returned May 26, 2016 for examination and evaluation of postmenopausal bleeding which was corrected by adjusting her hormone replacement therapy.  Examination demonstrated excellent vaginal and uterine support.  Today she enjoys normal bladder, bowel and vaginal function.