The Latest in Vaginal Rejuvenation – New, At-Home Devices

Posted: August 29, 2014

Here at ASC Denver, we are always seeking new, non-surgical ways to alleviate the symptoms of stress urinary incontinence, bladder leakage, overactive bladder, vaginal looseness, decreased sexual satisfaction and more.

“We are very excited to announce the availability of at-home devices, such as InTone, Apex and Intensity to combat these intimate concerns without surgery or downtime, and all from the privacy of your own home,” says Dr. Aguirre. “Even if other non-surgical treatments have not worked for you in the past, these at-home devices may be able to dramatically improve your specific condition.”

One new option for reducing or eliminating moderate bladder leakage is InTone, a voice-guided pelvic floor rehabilitation program. Once this at-home device is gently inserted, it sends comfortable muscle stimulation to stop spasms of the bladder and strengthen the pelvic floor. Each session is recorded for Dr. Aguirre to review and make recommendations for improvement.

Are you suffering from mild stress urinary incontinence following childbirth? Look no further than Apex, a customizable probe that delivers specific muscle stimulation to strengthen the pelvic floor and stop leakage associated with coughing, laughing or exercising.

Increased vaginal muscle tone means stronger orgasms and increased sexual satisfaction for both partners. Take your Kegel exercises to the next level with Intensity, the world’s first intimate health and stimulation device. Intense works by delivering a pleasurable, rhythmic internal massage, rejuvenating the vaginal canal for results you – and your partner – will enjoy.

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