Think Thin! LipoLife in Denver, CO at Aguirre Specialty Care

Posted: August 12, 2015

Are you struggling with stubborn fat in areas like your stomach, back or thighs? Sometimes diet and exercise just aren’t enough to get rid of this resilient fat, and that can cause many people to lose all hope of having the body they want. If this applies to you, the answer you’ve been looking for may be sitting right under your nose at Aguirre Specialty Care!

LipoLife is a minimally invasive laser assisted lipolysis procedure that safely and effectively removes unwanted fat from specifically targeted areas on the body. The procedure provides permanent fat removal for a slimmer and trimmer you!

LipoLife in Denver utilizes revolutionary dual action technology that simultaneously melts targeted fat at the same time as it is sucked out, as opposed to one at a time like traditional liposuction. This reduces procedure time and allows for a faster recovery time, all while producing unparalleled results. The LipoLife laser is unlike any of its kind and allows surgeons to control tissue heating with exact precision for optimal fat reduction.

Don’t give up on your fitness goals; it’s time to start thinking thin! Let LipoLife at Aguirre Specialty Care help you jumpstart the process today!

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