Tips for a Happy and Healthy Vagina Denver, CO

Posted: September 19, 2019

Your intimate life might seem complicated, but caring for your intimate area should be anything but. When it comes to caring for your vagina, “less is almost always more,” says Dr. Aguirre, fellowship trained, board-certified pelvic surgeon and urogynecologist, and owner of Aguirre Specialty Care in Denver. “The vagina needs very little maintenance; it’s much like a self-cleaning oven.”

To help you maintain optimal vaginal health and vitality at every stage of your life, here are a few expert pointers:

Your vagina cleans itself!
That said, if you seriously aren’t feeling “fresh,” as many commercials like to put it, you may need to see your gynecologist to rule out a vaginal infection, which can cause abnormal or smelly discharge. What you can safely rule out doing is buying a special vaginal cleanser or douche to make you feel fresh. Many intimate cleansers contain harsh perfumes and detergents which can actually exacerbate your condition and throw off your natural pH balance, making your symptoms worse.

Pain always necessitates a doctor visit.
No matter what, vaginal pain should never be considered a normal condition. If you are experiencing pain during sex, it’s time for an exam. Vaginal pain can be a sign of a thinning vaginal wall, cyst, or other concerns.

Lack of sexual sensation isn’t acceptable, either.
You deserve to live a full and vibrant life, and your sexual health is a vital component of it! If you have difficulty becoming aroused or achieving an orgasm, we can help! “I’ve dedicated my entire surgical career to helping women achieve satisfying and healthy sex lives” says Dr. Aguirre. “I can help with a wide range of non-surgical and surgical treatments which will be personally tailored to your exact needs.”

While the vagina is generally low-maintenance, it may still require extra help now and then. Be sure to see your doctor if you notice:

  • Change in discharge, such as an unusual odor, color, or amount
  • Bleeding after sex or menopause
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Pain during sex

Our team can’t wait to help you achieve optimal intimate health and vitality. Please call 303.322.0500 or request a consultation today.