VASER® LipoSelection – Not Your Regular Liposuction

Posted: October 11, 2011

Deciding to have liposuction is a rather large decision. Although it’s one of the most performed cosmetic procedures in the Unites States today, it is still a rather invasive one with quite a bit of recovery time. Liposuction is also a procedure not typically used to just get rid of a little fat and smooth everything out. So is there an option for those just seeking a little bit of fat removal? Yes, there is. It’s called VASER® LipoSelection.

The procedure itself is unlike traditional liposuction in that it is not nearly as invasive, typically has a much faster recovery time and patients also experience a lot less pain during recovery. The VASER®System is the only one of its kind that liquefies fat and removes it in this particular way, providing smooth end results with minimal complications thus far. But perhaps the most interesting aspect ofVASER® LipoSelection is its ability break up the fat while recognizing other tissue areas like nerves and connective tissue. The VASER® System is able to skip over these important areas and simply focus on the targeted fat.

If you’ve considered liposuction but you decided against it due to the invasive nature of the procedure,VASER® LipoSelection may just be the ticket to remove those problem spots and smooth the area. If you have more questions about this innovative procedure, visit our FAQ’s page or call our office for more information!